Makes Me Happy Monday : Chucks

I get more compliments on these shoes … than any other article of clothing or pair of shoes I wear. They are SO much fun!   They were gifted to Glory by a boyfriend years ago. She wore them some, but I borrowed them more … and then she moved out.  So, I asked if I could keep them. And she said, “YES!”  YAY!!!

Sometimes it occurs to me that I’m in a room full of people “my age” and I’m the only one with a pair of  Converse hightop shoes on … and a summertime splash of pink in my hair.  I’d be lying if I told you that it bothers me. Because, it doesn’t. But, I have thought about it.

If you can’t tell from my photographs, the side shows two sets of legs from two people lying in the grass. The girl is on the left with harlequin patterned pink tights. You can catch a glimpse of a ruffle on her dress. The boy is on the right wearing blue jeans with a hole in the knee … and black converses. And the flowers all have hearts for blooms.

These shoes are colorful, original and so very fun.

Yep, my Chuck Taylor Converse shoes Make Me Happy.
How ’bout you? What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morn?


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