School Speech

Can I just say that
nothing at Augusta Tech
works the way you expect?

After being in school for a little over two years …
after sitting down with my counselor three or four times  to check and double-check
transferring classes and those taken at ATC
against degree requirements ….
after saying more than a half-dozen times,
“I’ll believe it when I see it,”
I hit the newest, not-surprising-to-me glitch.

With graduation less than two weeks away, I got the letter that said that I need three classes to finish my degree.
Nevermind that I asked to be evaluated for graduation in the middle of quarter before last
so that, if there was something I had missed, I could take it this quarter.
Turns out that two of the classes required are not needed for the degree that I want.
In other words, I was evaluated for the wrong degree.
But, the third class  noted on the letter (Speech), is required for graduation in my chosen degree.

Of course, they were so kind to offer that I walk anyway – but be sure to pay the $35.00 before Friday.
I paid it.
But, I won’t walk
if it’s just “for show.”
If I can’t receive the diploma that I have been striving to earn,
then I’ll just graduate quietly, without pomp and circumstance
as the next ceremony won’t be until June, 2012.

As I was leaving the admin office, it was suggested that I try to exempt the Speech class.

Brilliant. My reply was immediate, “Absolutely!”
I could easily give you an impromptu, ten-minute persuasive speech on pocket lint
and keep your attention. Speeches do not make me nervous.

So, Friday I found out I’d soon be giving a final speech
in a class I’ve never attended.
Monday was a holiday.
Tuesday I picked up a loaner Speech book from a friend.
Wednesday, I began reading chapters 1-7, plus 16 and 17.
Wednesday and Thursday (yesterday), I wrote my speech.
And this morning, I presented it
to an audience of one: my instructor.

Praise God, I passed
and was accepted into the “Now-you-have-to-take-the-written-exam” club.
I have four days to prepare for
an end of the quarter class final
in Speech.

I think I’ll do fine. I have to make an 80 or above.
I was given the study guide. And I am fairly familiar with many of the ideas listed on that guide.

Soon, we’ll know.

I may get to walk on June 15.
Or I may not!
Either way, I’ll be there
celebrating with my friends
or celebrating for them.

Soon …. it won’t be long.

7 thoughts on “School Speech

  1. I say walk no matter what. If you walk this June, it will be with your classmates.
    You will do well on the exam.


    1. But, Larry, it’s against everything in my being; it’s doing something just for show. It’s really not important to me, if it’s not for real. But, we’ll see. I might change my mind.
      I hope I do well on the exam. By this time in life, speech in general feels very natural. It’s probably just my personality though … that and having homeschooled the kids and directed them through the years in DPA (4H) speeches.
      THANKS!! 😀


  2. I learned the ropes the hard way…experiencing it as an adult student, like you. My daughter started at the same CC, where I started my full-time academic journey, right after high school. By then, I knew the requirements and who to make appointments with to get reliable information. For one year, we were both full time students at that CC. Without that she never would have completed her degree ONLY FOUR YEARS out of high school at the heavily impacted California university she transferred to after completing her first two years at the CC.

    Speech ended up being a challenge for me too because I switched professors several weeks into the semester. It was the only way to survive and I ended up thriving with the second professor.

    I believe to this day that graduating with high honors actually reflects ones ability to learn how to function within the system as much as it reflects the acquisition of knowledge.

    You will pass this final exam and walk with your classmates. That walk was much more meaningful to me I suspect than to many of my classmates. I was so thrilled to accomplish that as a full-time student just a month before my 44th birthday!


    1. Bev, what field was your degree in? Good for you for finishing!! I’m just a few years older than you were at this same junction in life.
      I’ve SO enjoyed being at school with my two big kids. It’s been a blast! James & I are in the same program so we share the same circles of friends. We’ve met some of the coolest people there! It’s been incredible.
      I made Dean’s list for several quarters, but haven’t been consistent with that throughout the entire time. I have gotten frustrated from time to time, but had to keep my perspective right. With Joy at home and still young (and new to a “school system” herself), I couldn’t just come home and close myself up in the bedroom and ignore her. So, academics couldn’t be absolute number one. I wouldn’t change a thing though. It’s been a wonderful learning experience all the way around.


  3. That happened to me as I transferred schools when MJF and I married. It was half-way through the last semester and I was told that the accounting class I took at the first school shouldn’t have been accepted and they were taking it back which meant I was 3 credits shy. Fortunately for me, my father about reached through the phone and pulled whoever he was speaking to through it and they “let it go” If they only knew how meaningless their school it to me. 3 credit hours did not a graduate make – the cumulative academic activity and some real growing up is what made me a graduate. I would have to agree with you – I’d not walk – but for different reasons. And they wouldn’t be honorable ones, I’m afraid


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