Makes Me Happy Monday : Embossed Glass Bowls!

Weekend before last, my Glory Sunshine, my Joy Bucket & I went wandering through treasure fields. Glory is getting ready to move into another apartment (rather than the apartment she currently shares with two sisters). The two girls that she lives with own most of the apartment’s furnishings, so she needs kitchen supplies, a couch, a table and chairs for dining and a few odds and ends.

Having not taken into consideration that it was Memorial Day weekend,  we didn’t expect to find yard sales so sparse. We were still able to wind our way through a neighborhood or two and come across a a handful bustling sales. Well … they were probably “bustling” when they first began, but we got a late start and found many were slowing down by 10:00 – 11:00.

Which leads me to my favorite kitchen addition in …. years?

These delicate embossed glass bowls were at an estate sale

for $4.00

and then marked 50% off.
Look at them!  All around the edges are flowers and trees with a retro, funky mood

and even the bottoms are embellished!

There were only four offered so we will have to be
really careful not to drop them in our dangerous sink! Yikes!
I’d hate for them to be another casualty (like THIS)
of the cast iron & porcelain graveyard.

Strawberries and melon look all-the-more yummy in this fetching glass dish.

I think I shall spend my summer
LOOKING for deliciousness to serve my family
in these petite little pretties.
Fruit sorbet? Chilled summer fruit soups? Green salads? Pasta salads?

Mmmmmm…. the possibilities are endless.

So, that’s my Makes Me Happy Monday entry for this first week of June, 2011.
What simple pleasure has brought a smile to your face
… and joy to your life of late?

7 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Embossed Glass Bowls!

  1. Awesome bowls! I would’ve bought them too! I have a hutch full of little glassware finds. I love the vintage look! Thanks for sharing your ideas….I’m going to pull a bowl out today and use it for some delicious fruit salad! 🙂


  2. I remember going with you to one of the consignment shops in downtown New Bern that had old dishes in it….what a treasure trove! From one dish addict to another, I am jealous!


    1. Oh, how I miss New Bern. I look around my house today and sometimes think of all the items that I picked up at Poor Charlie’s. I loved that place. LOVED it. Every Saturday morn, Comedy would take James out for breakfast and then go to the park while I hit the yard sales near our house and then went to Poor Charlie’s. That was where my love of yard sales and treasure hunting began.
      Maybe one day I can serve you fresh melon and strawberries in these bowls, Julie 😀


  3. I have been looking high and low for these bowls. Mine got broken! There was a little tiny sticker with the brand name on the bowls that was really hard to get off. Is that there? Do you have a way to tell me the brand name of those bowls? Thanks in advance for your help. Love your bowls.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know if you still need to know (it’s been over a month) – but I think these little bowls are the Flora Pattern, designed by Oiva Toikka and produced by Iittala (that’s double i at the beginning, not an L). I have one and was trying to research it myself also and came across your comment. 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness, Adorablest!! These were made in 1966? I had no idea! Ellen, I hope you have found them from the information offered by Adorablest. I love the internet! We have access to so many people and information about so many things!


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