Chainsaw Massacre

“We’re running out of trees,” James told me, after he got home from work yesterday. He and I were discussing that it seems God has different plans for my roof than I had prayed. My prayers for a limb to fall to damage the roof so insurance can help me pay for replacement
are not working.

In the last …. three months (?), we have had one ominous, huge tree fall
one unexpected tremendous limb fall
and yesterday,
we lost the entire top to the only hardwood tree in the front yard.

I knew it would fall soon … at least some portion of it. The tree lost a huge limb about a year ago that revealed that the tree had some deterioration. Not so long ago, a tree surgeon stopped by and pointed out that the base is fairly hollow inside. And it sits right beside our house. So, I prayed that God would protect those of us inside, but let a limb fall so that insurance would help me replace the roof.

And even as I blog this, I wonder if I could in trouble for publicly stating these prayers. Can’t you see it?  If a tree were to fall on the roof and I claim it on insurance, they MIGHT say that it is my fault because I prayed for it to happen and then refuse to pay the claim. Hey! Stranger things have happened! Anyway ….

So, Joy and I were inside yesterday around lunch. She was on the couch and I was standing in the living area ….
when we heard it … the slow splintering, splitting,  pulling,  tearing of wood.

We both knew what was happening.


My first reaction? I jumped up and down and yelled “YEAH!” and began to pray that it did enough damage to warrant roof replacement.

We went outside to check out the damage. Remember that I’m too afraid to go up on the roof (read THIS), but from the ground, I was disappointed because it didn’t look bad.

James came home from work and did his inspection:
no damage. *snaps fingers with the swipe of the hand*

So, James is still working on the tree that fell in the backyard. He’s cut up about half of the tree and put it into the three yard debris waste cans that go out on the street on Mondays.  He continues to inch away at what is left. (In our area, you can’t put a whole tree out on the street. There are limitations to size and quantity of yard waste that are taken away.)

James won’t be able to handle this tree alone. The place where the top twisted and snapped is much too high to reach – even with a ladder. I think we’ll have to have someone skilled come help us get the top to the ground. Then James can begin to cut and split this wood.

And so, I’m waiting. Our roof does not leak. It doesn’t even look bad. It is solid and strong. BUT, I know the day will come when the shingles will need replacing. I absolutely believe that God held the dead pine in the backyard upright until he decided it was time.
And when it fell, it didn’t hit a home.
I don’t understand it but know, too,
that the tree that totaled James’s car was also in God’s hands.
I am certain that this limb fell
where it did, when it did, because God allowed it.
And so, I have to continue to hold to the fact that
when it’s time, God will provide a way for my roof to be replaced.

For now, there is a chainsaw massacre going on in our yard …
a massacre of dead trees.


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