Makes Me Happy Monday : My Green Apple

On the day that it came in … with packaging on the floor all around my feet, I sat at my desk with my laptop and explored. When the phone sitting on the desk beside my computer rang, my laptop screen blacked out. I felt a tingly feeling, like a tiny electrical shock or strong static electricity, when I ran my hand along the edge of my keyboard. Later, my left thigh would feel strangely relaxed/numb when I sat with my laptop on my lap for more than a few minutes. I went in for repairs and eventually for a battery replacement as mine would empty very quickly (within an hour or so). But, the Genius Bar at the Apple Store never could see enough wrong to find the issue with my machine. In my heart of hearts, I felt like it probably had some kind of an electrical short or wondered if something wasn’t properly grounded.

But, I made things work. I always used a lap desk to protect my legs, never used the phone near the computer and kept my Mac plugged into a power source most of the time so that my battery didn’t die. These things were not convenient, but I could work with them.

But, the last year, things began to spiral. When my computer would go into sleep mode from non-use, a wiggle on the track pad/mouse wouldn’t wake it up. I had to quickly press the power button to give it a power surge to awaken it. If it ran for too long, it would overheat and shut off. My battery … held little charge. Any browser on any given day would crash … several times a day …. Safari, Goggle Chrome or Firefox, it didn’t matter. And my memory that they repeatedly told me I would never fully fill, was so full that I iPhoto couldn’t accept any more photos. *boo*

But those Genius’ guys … were uh-mazing! First my battery was replaced. After the huge rigmarole required to save every document and photo on my entire computer, I finally gave up, gave in and turned over my green Apple for a real repair.

Over the course of several months, they replaced the battery (for a second time), my RAM, my hard drive, and the logic (mother)board. The body/casing of the laptop was the only thing that wasn’t bran new.

And I still had problems … that were continuing to escalate and become more complicated.

A few perfect irritating examples?  The computer browsers would crash without reason. All my function buttons would stop working. And my screen would black out at times. When a swipe of the tracking pad or movement of the mouse should bring it back up, it would stay asleep (with keyboard lit up). The ONLY way to get the screen active again was to q.u.i.c.k.l.y push the power button. This surge of power would bring up the screen again. I know; Weird.

So, week before last, I headed into the store for another Genius appointment to leave my gem.

After struggling January 2009 to June 2011 with a refurbished machine that didn’t quite work right, Apple replaced my laptop!! Yes! they handed me an “in the box” bran-spanking-new Macbook Pro! whoop! whoop! *does the happy dance* I couldn’t be more thankful or excited.

While the inconveniences of grappling with the glitches, saving every thing in its memory and turning over my laptop several times were frustrating, I am so thankful that the Apple store continued to listen, search and work with me until we found a way to put this saga to an end.

I adore the Genius bar folk. I thoroughly enjoy every visit to the Apple store.

I have to admit it’s no longer a “Green Apple.” The new Macbook is thinner than my previous one so my green protective case no longer fits my laptop. I need to buy a new one soon. None-the-less, my new Macbook Pro really, really makes me happy!

What makes YoU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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