Another Adventure

I asked her if she wanted to join me. “No. I just went to the beach last weekend,” was her response. I tried to convince Joy to join me on this excursion, but she just wasn’t interested.

So, I traveled alone, leaving her behind with her grown siblings.

Sunday morn, I was the first to arrive at Fort Pulaski. Ever aware that I may get lost, I try to allow myself time to lose myself and then be found again. I was a good thirty minutes early and thankful.

Beverly (on the left) took some time to warn us about the barges that barrel through this channel. They’re huge and strong and to be cautiously feared. I took her warning seriously.

We had a group of eleven. Did anyone else notice that there was one couple … and nine singles … all divorced. Why is this? Will I ever not notice?I watched James father Caleb with patience and strength … teaching and training and building him up throughout the day.  It was good to see boys being boys together.

And Jeff took the time to talk to show Caleb this horseshoe crab … tremendous in size.

Beverly has spent her life on the water. When her husband left her, she had to find a way to care for herself. With a “bootstrap” mentality, she bought a herd of kayaks and began to take people out on adventures. She’s cautious and knowledgeable … and such great fun. And sweet little Shayla is as comfortable with the rock of the waves as is Beverly.

Beverly and Jeff have made this paddle before. They came equipped with lunch AND relaxation gear. Jeff, with his tats and strong smile, somehow made me feel just a little extra welcome.

And these two? We have so much in common. It’s amazing how small the world is … and how many wonderful people fill it. It takes an extended hand to shake and an open ear to find them. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Debbie and Bernadette – friends who l.i.v.e on vacation in Savannah. *swoons*

We were searching for relics: sharks teeth & fossilized bones.

Sam had an incredible eye. He found several bone fragments and sharks teeth.

I found a single sharks tooth…

and a few Sturgeon scutes (bony plates that are in five rows on a sturgeon’s body.)

We left Fort Pulaski at 10:00 am with the turning tide and heading back around 3:00 pm. We spent the day dining, relaxing, and scouring the shore. And our day was as beautiful as the clear blue skies.

With layers of life exposed to search and explore,
I hope to return to adventure with these folks again.
One can never have too many friends.
Joy has already told me,
she’s going with me on the next trip.
And I’m thankful.

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