Gifts of Lack

You’ve heard the little riddle about God passing out abilities and how some people misunderstand Him, right? One line is, “God was handing out brains and one fella thought He said, “Chains,” and said, “No, thank you.”

I was thinking about that little pun this morning and the gifts that I didn’t receive
and how blessed I am that I have a lack.

I can carry a tune, but don’t sing really well
or play an instrument with great ease …
because if I could
God knew
if it came easy to me
I would sing and play … and be puffed-up and full of pride.

I have absolutely no sense of direction
which is really a great way to keep me grounded
and dependent on others to show me the way.

I gain weight around my middle
– from the joint at my hip to my jawline –
which is grand because
if I gained in the womanly areas like the bosom and fanny
I would probably enjoy being voluptuous
and not be as careful to try to stay at a healthy, fit, trimmer weight.
I’m quick to see when
gluttony and a weak will
have pulled my fork and spoon to my mouth too often.

I struggle with a winter sludge
which is a gift that helps me enjoy
every.single.wonderful.moment of summers’
long, glorious, sultry days.

God certainly didn’t pour upon me
a spirit of compassion.
I have to think that there are positives in this, at times.
When others would pamper whining and allow one to give up,
I want to push others to do the difficult …
to keep going
to strive for more in the pain.

I’m especially glad that God allowed me to be a woman
rather than creating me as a man.
I know that I know that I know that
I would make a very unGodly man.
If I had the upper body strength of a man
and any stronger of an “I-don’t-need-any-help” attitude
than I already have,
I would think myself invincible
and need neither Himself
or the helping hand of a man’s strength on earth.
Of this, I am certain.
It is true; I have bicep envy,
but better to envy
than have no need of help at all.

So, may I ask you a question?
What are the gifts that you KNOW you did not receive
and how has God used that shortfall to keep you more reliant on Him
and less prideful?


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