Makes Me Happy Monday: New Hiking Boots

I did it. Finally.
I finally did it.

I found a pair of hiking boots that
are flexible and comfortable,
don’t make my feet look humongous,
aren’t too heavy
and weren’t too expensive.

Just before heading home from Savannah on Tuesday, I went by Bass Pro Shop to try to find a kayaking vest. I also wanted to pick up a magnesium stick for fire starting and a good compass for orienteering. Stone assures me that using a compass can help improve my sense of direction. Though it goes against my serious case of IDDD (Internal Direction Deficit Disorder), I’m going to do my best to make improvements through practice. And last on the docket; swing by the hiking boots.

I’ve had a pair of fun boots that look like hiking boots but are … well … just for looks. They don’t offer much arch support and have little to no tread.

Having effectively twisted my ankle three times in the last two summers (two times requiring crutches for several weeks), I am well aware of the fact that my ankle needs some strengthening. I’ve been carefully exercising to tone muscle and stretching for flexibility. None-the-less, I still want to protect my ankle as much as possible (especially since I am currently without medical insurance …. a divorce waylay … but I’m working on replacing it).

I didn’t think ahead to take a pair of socks into the store, so I picked out a new pair of socks, as well.  These are super socks that wick moisture away from the skin ….

and offer a little surprise. Underneath my fun new boots, I’ll be wearing socks that look like Mary Janes!!  How fun is that!

So, as I try on boots and talk to the super-nice sales guy, Jeremiah. I’m just as excited about my new boots as I am the socks I’ll wear beneath. We talk about bear adventures and I show him the photos on my phone. He tells me about boy scout camping and I leave thankful that I’ve met one more really nice person in this tremendous world where we live.
And I’m thankful that he’s so helpful in picking out a pair of boots that fit well AND are a super price. ($39.)

I wore my new boots home from Savannah and I’ve worn them for several hours each day since. They’re good and tough and will take a little longer to break in than everyday shoes or boots. I want them ready when I head out on another hiking trek.

Leather and mesh
black and tan
with Mary Janes underneath,
my new hiking boots make me happy *clap clap clap.*

 Strong support. Lightweight. Good price. and c.u.t.e.

Yep. My new hiking boots make me happy!!
How ’bout you? What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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