Time is fleeting. Soak it in.

Time is fleeting.

One day later, and I am home.

I spent the day … Wednesday … in prayer, right foot on the accelerator, crossing the miles of black asphalt, whispering prayers of invitation to angels and provision and continued power throughout my engine. My van, she won’t make it much longer. We rode without air conditioning, that the engine wouldn’t have any extra strain. I tell Joy, “We can ride in the heat and explore or we can stay home and enjoy air conditioning.” We choose to travel.

I have put a personal limitation on most travel that allows me to drive no further than three hours from home and I wonder, why three? Are automobile shops within three hours of my home MORE dependable? Should I find myself walking down an empty road in late evening, would a deserted highway three hours from here be safer? Is it easier to sleep in a hotel that is three – rather than seven or ten and a half – hours away? No …. it just seems like SOME.body could come help me and get me home if I broke down and I was only three hours away. Farther than that … just seems like an eternity. So, we keep the radius three hours from home.

But, last week, we traveled further. I wanted to see my parents. They are about six and a half hours from Augusta. And I wanted to refresh Joy’s memory of time at St. Andrews State Park – yet another two and a half hours further. It has been a long, long time since we’ve been that far south. Joy hasn’t been to my parents home since last October. My big kids, who weren’t able to join us this trip …. it’s been years.

I have traveled this summer
in a panic …
knowing that the day will soon come
when I might not be able to leave home at all
because I may be working full-time
and may not have provision to play and travel.

And so, I was adventurous and I drove … outside my three-hour comfort zone. I took the last ten days …. and I stole them away. As if sneaking away … packing in the night and leaving at dawn. As if I must hurry before the clock struck midnight. As if, it was “now or never.”
I packed up bicycles, camping gear and ice coolers. I tucked away a kite, a deck of cards and our tent. I carefully stuffed my Vans backpack with camera gear, charging cords and extra memory cards. With a prayer and a turn of the ignition key, we drove away.

And our week was s.u.r.r.e.a.l. I am careful to soak it all in.

As we trekked through scrub biome watching for avian and lizards in the scorching heat of the afternoon with the bay nearby, I knew it would end soon.
*soak it in*
As we snorkeled at St. Andrews State Park amongst nearly clear salt water … Sea Urchins, Sergeant Majors and Mullet all around, I considered the moments.
*absorb the moments*
As we swam, talked and dined in Cairo, I thought about the fleeting time. I absolutely can.not put into words how I treasure the time there. It is open, honest and real. I can ask any question and find a deep reply. I laugh from the gut. My soul swells while I am there.
*drink time down*
As we sat around tables dining with family and friends here and there … my parents and all of their wonderful friends around or mixing new friends with old, I listened to the gentle passing of time.
*flood my memory*
As we drove from one destination to another, I knew it would not last. I cling.
*immerse my senses*

If there is one thing that I am certain … it is that I do not know how to put into words how tender …
how sweet …
how delicious our moments were …
each one.
Each departing embrace from every soul touched is hidden away in a safe place deep within.
I bring them back in my memory and remember.

John Wooden asks, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”
I know ’tis true. And so, I did it right. I stole it away … counting it … weighing it … sifting it …. savoring it … time.
Almost in a panic, but definitely with urgency,
I took the time and prayed my way from destination to destination … from moment to moment.
I ran … from here … to there … gathering along the way.
And now I have the sweet memories to cherish as we head into routine …. school … work …. the everyday
whatever that will look like as it will be new again this year.

Time is fleeting.
Oh, that we would savor every moment.

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