Makes Me Happy Monday : Celebration

Life is a celebration isn’t it?

Well … it can be. Or it can simply be a toleration of the mundane.
dishes. laundry. dust.
bickering. traffic. groceries.
co-workers. neighbors. family.
splinters. heartburn. arthritis.

So, before life can be a celebration, we must make a decision.
Will we look for the good? the lovely? the just? the holy?
the pure? the beautiful? the honest? the righteous? the good?
Or will be walk in bitterness? anger? resentment? blame?

Every moment we are faced with decisions, aren’t we? Right or left? Up or down? Lie or truth? Processed or whole wheat? Push our way in or stand back and invite someone in front? Snooze button or exercise? Name calling or forgiveness? Flashy rhinestones or subdued leather? Creamer or black?

And me? I choose to celebrate. I sing to my kids in the morning. I dance in the grocery aisle. I ride the buggy back to the van in the parking lot at the grocery store. I talk to everyone. I pray for the stranger. I wave at people on motorcycles and driving pick up trucks. And I love to add the phrase *throws glitter in the air* with a smiley face to most comments on Facebook.

So, this shirt? It’s my favorite. I bought it at Target a few years ago when I was on an adventure in the mountains with Della and her awesome family. It was a Christmas shirt, on mark down … the b.e.s.t kind of deal! And I wear it year round …

The other day a girl in a store asked me, “What are you celebrating?” I threw my hands in the air, did a little jump, leaned towards her and said, “Life! Everything! Ya know?”

It’s just so. Life is too short to live angry. It’s too long to live miserable.
I do fret from time to time. And, yes, I do share those thoughts here from time to time. Because, I wonder about my future. I ponder what it will look like and how I will live it. And I know there are others who are in shoes the same size and style as mine. If I can help one person see the silver lining in a dark cloud, then I am blessed. Because, when the rubber meets the road, God’s got it all. We need not fret …

What wonders and joys can you find to celebrate today?


3 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Celebration

  1. I have some “things” I am bitter about. And i REALLY NEED to work on letting them go. Why do I keep hanging on to it? Somehow I have turned that into something that has just happened to me, and not something that I have chosen. I do celebrate MANY, MANY things everyday! I enjoy it. It makes me feel good and like I’ve made the most of my day. Right now, at 7:22 am I celebrate this blog. My first celebration of the day! Thanks for reminding me that it is a ~ choice~


  2. I love you, Ape. Yes, let it all go. What’s the saying? “Bitterness is the poison that we drink hoping to harm someone else.” It’s just not worth it! It drains our energy, smothers our creativity and sucks the life out of our friendships.
    I’m glad you’re celebrating with me. God is good. And happiness is a choice. {{hugs}} mwaaah!


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