Makes Me Happy Monday : Dennis Swanberg

When we lived in Valdosta, Georgia on the property of an old Methodist Camp, with a wonderful huge dining hall with wooden floors, a great little creek and property that went on and on, I was introduced to the hilarity of Dennis Swanberg. My friend, Debra, loaned us the cassette tape
and I thought I might just cry when I had to give it back.
We listened to that tape over and over and over again
until the children and I could nearly recite it from memory.
His phrases became our phrases.
“Tea Lady! Tea Lady!!” with a finger snap in the air as if we needed a waitress’ help,
“Getchore hardware” as a reminder to pick up silverware
and “I’m gonna put your desk RIGHT next to my desk,”
the line that Dennis’ teachers used to tell him,
making him think he was a special student
when in fact he was moved beside the teacher because he was a bit rambunctious …
these have been standard vernacular for us …
since Glory was around seven and James nine (ie, about eleven or twelve years).

While we are living in Valdosta, Bainbridge, Albany, Fort Gordon and Augusta,
the pastor of our current church was growing in friendship with Dennis.
And last Wednesday night, David McKinley had the joy of introducing Dennis to our congregation.
(Make a note here that James & Joy are still in the habit of making off-kilter faces
when I hold a camera in my hand. These two are so silly – and this is so typical )

So, we sat and listened and laughed. We heard all sorts of new material but
Dennis didn’t fail to come through with a good bit of his Picadilly monologue
which includes the “Tea Lady” and “hardware” lines.

We had such a nice time listening and laughing. I’m thankful for my church – a ministry that strives to bring families together, build stronger marriages and robust spiritual relationships between each of us and God. And I’m thankful that, as they work towards this goal, they include belly laughs and fun!

Because listening to The Swan tell us stories about his past and
focus us on leaving a legacy for the future was a pure pleasure.
Yep, Dennis Swanberg definitely Makes Me Happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

5 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Dennis Swanberg

  1. I love him! So glad you got your share of Belly Laughs yesterday. My “happy” for today? Not loving to cook! Why? b/c my oven is broken and it will be til tomorrow that a guy can come and fix it and I don’t care – b/c it’s not my AC that is broken, or my plumbing, or one of my kids, or my gman. I am happy that I actually DON’T CARE!

    Love you!


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