Makes Me Happy Monday: Breathing

He continues
to walk me through.

A friend tags me in a photo on Facebook ….
(from Pure Nourishment’s Facebook page)


I walk to the mailbox
like any other day.
I see familiar full, round cursive on the front of the envelope …
a handwriting that I have seen in my life since high school –
happy, smiling and open.

I slowly make my way into the envelope
with anticipation
to find a charm, tucked inside a drugstore bag.

“breathe,” He says.

People say it around me. I see it on advertisements and hear it in conversation.


Thank you, Della, for letting the Spirit move you ….
for being my friend and blessing me.

It’s important.
It’s helpful.
It’s necessary.

Little gifts
and big, deep breaths
make me happy
this marvelous Monday afternoon.

What makes you happy today?

4 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday: Breathing

  1. You’re welcome to use mine (the necklaces) .. but the other isn’t mine (as far as the copyright goes). Why don’t you let me know what you’d like, and let me make some for you for your spin class? I’d love to do that 😀


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