Makes Me Happy Monday : Signs

I’ve been through Jack Wingate’s Lunker Lodge’s Restaurant parking lot dozens … if not hundreds … of times through the years. While at my parent’s home recently, I ran through the neighborhood, down to the old Hutchinson Ferry landing and then through the parking lot – just like other runs. But, this time, I was amused to see (or notice) these signs.

Upon reading the set of signs above, what is your gut reaction?
Mine was, “It’d be pretty HARD to park BETWEEN those signs!

It would be pretty yard to slip a piece of paper between those two signs,
much less a park a car or boat trailer between them!

(Yeah, I’m a literalist.)

Upon further inspection, one sees that
there is more to the story than what first meets the eye.

Do you see the OTHER sign?  The owners of the parking lot don’t want you to park between the signs that are at each end of the grassy area beside the parking lot!

This set of signs made me laugh ….
and think about how often we communicate something
in a way that doesn’t clearly convey our message or idea.

Yep … this set of three signs at Jack Wingate’s made me laugh not so long ago.
What has brought a smile to your face or a giggle to your day lately?

Have a marvelous Monday!


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