Makes Me Happy Monday: My Traveling Pillowcase

Do you take your pillow along when you travel? Have you ever gone to a hotel and forgotten your pillow? Ya know, if your pillow had been adorned with a bright pink or a funky, wild pattern, she probably wouldn’t have been left behind (Yes, I just assigned a pronoun to an inanimate object. My pillow is that important to me. She helps me sleep well at night … which is pretty darn important). It is easy to leave behind a white pillow-cased-pillow when it is on a bed with all white linens.

Years ago, I figured out that using a distinct pillowcase would insure that I never left my pillow behind at a hotel or at a friend’s house.

And THIS case has become my favorite. This pillowcase is my
Official Traveling Pillowcase.

Isn’t it fun? Look! It has birds and trees and mushrooms on it!
And it looks like it was drawn with markers!
How fun is that!  Its brightly colored and designed with a cartoony feel!
Doesn’t it … just make you happy to look at it?
It says things like “I ♥ Trees” and “Hug a Tree.”  Who WOULDN’T want to hug a tree????
And it says, “Think Green.” Not only do I consider myself a “Green Thinker,”
I love the color green. So many cool things are green …
… like the leaves of summer trees and katydids,
the Monarch Butterfly chrysalis and lush grass,
Verdi the snake and fresh, baby spinach!
This pillowcase just makes me smile for lots of reasons.

Yep, a simple little pillowcase that I picked up at Target in the Back-to-College section a few years ago has made me giggle for going on two years. It is my official Traveling Pillowcase
and it really makes me smile.

What makes YOU happy on this marvelous Monday morning?


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