She hears me ….

…. and I swoon with gratitude.

Last night
…. way past the scheduled bedtime of eight o’clock ….
I peek into her room again to motion her towards slumber.

She – still hovering over the keyboard – tells me she is working on homework …
one that has a rough draft due in several days …
but she’s filling the page in the word processor
line upon line.
A speedy typist she is not … yet text runs off the top and bottom of the page.
I wonder if she has cut and pasted from somewhere.
I query.
With wrinkled brow, she states, insulted, “No. I’m writing a story.”

And then her eyes twinkle, her brows arch and she sparkles, “Let me tell you about it!”

She cannot be interrupted. If she begins a story, she must finish. A three minute Youtube video can take twelve minutes to describe. But, she won’t be stopped. She m.u.s.t finish. I think, if she were a shoplifter and caught red-handed by a security guard in full uniform, pointing a loaded gun at her
she would still have to complete the action of putting the item into her pocket.
She can.not be interrupted.

I can’t squelch her enthusiasm and so I say, “Yes, tell me.” I hear the first of the story …. but can’t follow through listening intently to the end
because I am rejoicing and distracted in my spirit.

This is what I heard:
“It is a story about Edeth, a white witch, which is a witch that does good things. White witches are full of power and can cast spells, but as they age, they are are not able to cast as many as when they were young. They are allowed a death wish as a final wish. Edeth is invited to be a part of a group of witches that are abnormally beautiful. The reason they are so beautiful is because they used one of their wishes to ask that they be beautiful. Edeth recognized that they were selfish. They were outwardly beautiful, but inside they had evil hearts. Edeth told them she didn’t want to join their group
they didn’t use their power for good ….”

And that’s all I heard
of her six-minute story …
My eyes misted and my thoughts wandered as I gloried ….

She hears me!!

“Use your drama for good,” I tell her …
time and time again …
When she leaves the house, those are the words she hears last from me.
We have a talk about people being unkind or mean-spirited,
I tell her again.
When we talk about her own dramatic flair …
I implore her …
“Use your drama for good.”

She’s hearing me.

And I rejoice.


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