Makes Me Happy Monday : Birthdays

We celebrated.
The youngest turned twelve on Saturday.
My sweet Mama turns seventy-two tomorrow.
And I am forty-eight on Thursday.
So, while we were in Cairo, we celebrated.

Joy wanted to learn to ride a horse. Glory has been a horseback riding fan since she was around Joy’s age. It was so wonderful to watch the two of them amble across the yard on horseback with my best friend. I knew each of them was enjoying the morning, each for a different reason.

Of course, the day began with a tantalizing breakfast that Jeff created with Joy in mind (double chocolate peppermint pancakes and grilled thick-cut bacon).

And the night ended with more of his wonderment – steaks grilled over an open, wood flame, oven roasted potatoes and delicious grilled asparagus. We topped it off with singing, ice cream and a big birthday cookie.

Della and Jeff are so gracious to us. *swoons*

Since we were five and a half hours closer to my Mom than if we were in Augusta, we made the forty-five minute extension and surprised my parents by showing up for church and lunch. I haven’t spent a birthday with my mom in ages …. so it was so nice to see her and get to celebrate!

And, of course, it was fabulous to see my sweet Daddy. We are so blessed to have a dependable, loving, stable, wonderful man in our lives. I can’t say enough nice things about this awesome man.

This Makes Me Happy Monday is sandwiched right in between several familial, female birthdays.
What are YOU celebrating this marvelous Monday morning?


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