Nurturing Life

There is no separation really.
We are all intertwined.
You here beside me …
him there beside her …
child and adult alike.

Even when I work independently,
I work for the good
or the injury
of all.
For in my foolishness,
I spread pain and injury.
But, in my wise decisions,
I share life and encouragement.

Look closely and see
consuming brown
taking over life giving green …
moving so slowly that the overtaken ….
is unaware.

It is all around us … life and death …
Some life is given for the purpose
of breaking down the dying
and dead.
Its purpose is to consume and tear apart.

We can surely be in this world
but not of this world ….
spiritually …
but we are all a part of this physical place
orb of green and blue
light and dark
suspended in the universe
spinning on an axis.

This is a truth in the spiritual world
just as it is in the physical one.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

There are few actions that can be considered
independent of others.

Some are indiscriminate
… consuming
that which is already lost … brown … and dead
and the green … growing …. alive.

Speared right through
my life passes through yours
stickers, briars and thistles
or fertilizer, water and light.

We each have a responsibility, don’t we?
We ought live in a manner that propagates, nurtures and fosters
the life within others.

Lord, help me …
that my thoughts,
and deeds
would lift up
and edify
and others.


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