Birthday Warmth

The day began with an autumn table of tea and delectables.
It’s almost silly …
but I get so excited when it’s MY turn to celebrate a birthday.
And I find that I celebrate each day – to the point that sometimes I almost feel silly.
Really, Karen? … Are you really THAT excited over a pair of boots?
Is that song THAT meaningful?
A kiss on the cheek?
And I am.
I don’t know why, but every little action ….
thought …
word ….
they’re all gifts!
Little and big, all of life’s events and motions are a gift!
And I celebrate!

So, when the chance comes around to truly cELeBrATE ….
to throw glitter in the air
to sing and be sung to,
to eat cupcakes
and graciously accept  gifts of all sorts without embarrassment –
WELL, I’m in!

Yesterday, my birthday began with brunch  … with a kindred spirit and gracious heart of a dear friend.

Janet prepared goodies of all kinds. We sat and chatted from breakfast all the way through lunch. We talked about daughters, sugar and milk glass. We covered boys – the kind you give birth to and the ones that you marry. We touched on crock pots, the confidence to speak your mind, and seeing bears. It was a sweet time.

Her sweet husband, Tom, is one of my favorites. He’s a guy that I admire like Kenneth or Jeff.  I’m always telling her how much I admire Tom. I remember once when I wrote something about my admiration on her Facebook wall and she replied that, “Many people feel that way,” and I remember being surprised for some reason. I guess I thought she and I shared a secret that he is a great guy! Evidently, lots and lots of people know! It still makes me laugh … that I was surprised.

She has told the story before of her first date with Tom … and I cling to it. It comes back time and again.  I think, “THAT is what I want.”

She and Tom knew each other in high school. They knew each other long before they dated. Tom was the smart, geeky guy. She was the pretty, social butterfly. She paid him no attention … until the novelty of shallow relationships wore thin and she was drawn to his authenticity – no airs about Tom …. he was r.e.a.l.

On their first date, they went out to dinner
and talked about Russian history for
Not just history … but Russian history ….
Even as I write this, my eyes fill with tears.
The pretty socialite that blesses my heart with cream puffs and fresh brewed tea
and the geeky midwest boy with a witty sense of humor … that fluently speaks a middle-eastern language
were drawn to each other over dinner and Russian history.
It’s the stuff movies are made of
and takes my breath away.

I want that.
I want someone to be interested in me and the things that I love.
Really … what it boils down to is ….
I want to share myself with someone
who embraces what I have to offer.
I want a friend whose passions and interests overlap mine …..
a love of camping and rocks and trees and the outdoors and the beauty of the natural world
encouraging and serving others
and a God who is big and grand and merciful and wonderful.
I want to be admired
for me … for who I am
because who I am
is not so far from who he is.
And I want our friendship to
make God smile … really big.

Ahh, but I digress …..

We chat on and on and I thank God that I am so blessed to have the richness of my life …
a life filled with celebration
on birthdays and every day.

I am thankful for a daughter who brings me the delicious gift of tremendous candles of caramel and warmth
and an extraordinary cupcake of pralines and cream.
I take a break from my painting to sip a cup of decaf, share my cupcake and chat with this girl whom I love.

I count it blessing … my man/child friend …. he gifts me with roses – a gigantic vase full of rich, crimson beauty
that smell like the warmth of rays straight from the sun and make me swoon.

The phone rings off and on and I am serenaded by friends far and wide. Della even has some portion of the the Cairo High School band join her in singing Happy Birthday to me. I was still dining over an autumn table when that call arrived so I will have that wonderful song locked into my voicemail to listen over and over and again. What a joy!  What a treat! I am overwhelmed and filled with gratitude of blessing upon blessing.

My birthday was so beautiful …
and full of warmth.
I am thankful
and filled with awe
that I am gifted with such wonderful, beautiful friendships.
My prayer, truly, is that each of you who read this post
can know the richness of friendships as delicious to the spirit and encouraging to the soul.
Happy day-after-my-birthday, friends!


11 thoughts on “Birthday Warmth

  1. Oh my, Karen. I am truly speechles. (wipes tears) How beautifully you write…such a reflection of your soul.How privileged I am to call you friend and what a gift you’ve given me on your birthday. When I think of you, I think of Luke 8:16: “No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.” Your light, my treasured friend, brilliantly BEAMS all.the.time. You refresh my soul and give me new perspective every time we meet, through your blog,FB posts, and even comments on mutual friends’ posts! Shine On. Happy Day After Your BIrthday!!!. 😉 ❤


  2. You make me smile. Happy day after your birthday to you. In the picture of the cup, you almost captured a picture on the wall in the reflection of the drink….cool!


  3. Might I JUST add, that he was the smart, geeky, GOOD LOOKING guy…and we both didn’t pay each other much attention…he thought I was taken and I thought he thought I was a mere child…since he was a senior and I was a sophomore. Just wanted to be fair to Husband. 😀
    BTW, you need to post a picture of you in your fun, funky, Janet -is- so -jealous -of- them -boots.
    P.S. I am a bit disheveled in appearance in our pic together due to being drenched by the rain while delivering a crockpot of meatballs to the school. Had to post a disclaimer…just had to. >wink and a smile<


  4. Janet, you are SO right …. geeky, “good looking” guy … Did I leave out that part?
    I think I’ll use my funky, rainboots as a Makes Me Happy Monday post soon.
    And you were… and are …. BEAUTIFUL …. no need for a disclaimer!! *rolls eyes* Silly girl.


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