Makes Me Happy Monday : Rocks and Stone

boulders …
they lure me
to touch
to feel
to hold
to investigate.

We spend our weekend hiking … Stone and Jet, Joy and I.
The trails amble their way around the mountains of North Georgia …
I lag behind
to snap a shot with my little Sony *click click click*
or caress a stone.
The pixels gather in my camera
while the rocks cluster in my pockets
rubbing my leg with each step.
I move them to my backpack
as irritation mounts,
being choosy about those that make the trip home.
I have written about my love
over and over again.

I am drawn in by their beauty …
no two alike.

Somehow, even the smallest
in its own beauty and depth.

I have them on my kitchen window sill ….

and they are scattered around my home …
but “rocks with stripes” are my favorite.

I’ve never seen a rock this large that has stripes!
When I first spy it, I take Stone by the hand and p.u.l.l  him to this row of beauty.
I kneel and ask for information.

This one? ….  I wanted to bring home
to keep

… but had to settle for a photograph.

It is no surprise to me that I am, likewise, drawn to a man whose affection for rocks
is so ingrained in his being
that he chose to pursue a Masters in his passion
and now makes his livelihood through the knowledge he has acquired on the subject
and frankly, I am in captivated
by this Geologist.

He is comfortable, kind and compassionate.
As far as I can tell, he is trustworthy
because, I have learned the lesson, that you can’t always tell, can you?
He is my friend.
Stone makes me smile.

He doesn’t mind when I ask him questions.
He is patient and answers my many questions in layman’s terms
so that I can understand.
He marvels over the beauty of the forest as we walk along.
He notices the fern carpet lying still in the dappled light surrounding us.
He touches the bark of the trees and looks high up into the canopy turning amber
where the leaves touch the blue expanse and the clouds roll in and settle upon the trail.

He tells me these rocks that I love are amphibolite with veins of quartz.
I cannot remember that.
I come home and call him so that I can write it down
and look it up
and study.
And I’m not even sure why it matters to me, but it does.
“Rocks with stripes”
are now “Amphibolite with Quartz veins.”

Yes, amphibolite with veins of quartz
and Stone
make me happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

4 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Rocks and Stone

  1. I too love rocks with stripes, and whenever I am at the beach, or any body of water, I search for a striped rock, one that I am drawn to. Then I make a wish and toss it into the water. While on Block Island in Rhode Island this past weekend, I was obsessed with finding them and I took many pictures that I thought you might like. If you would like to see them, please contact me through my email. Happy to share, Betsy


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