Makes Me Happy Monday : Amphibolite with a Quartz Vein

I’ve picked them up along railroad tracks and beside streams. I have found them on hiking trails and at parks. They even formed the temporary employee parking lot during the Masters Tournament in April a few years ago at the Augusta National.

But, all the quartz veined amphibolite that I have found have been small …
until last weekend.

I saw THIS  piece, of course … but couldn’t bring it home (and to be honest, the B.I.G. one makes me MUCH more happy, proportionally, than today’s particular rock!! lol)

But, like Goldilocks, I have finally found a piece that was …. to keep.

I came across this gorgeous rock right after we arrived at the camp last weekend. I laid it upon the picnic table – beside my roses – so that I could look at it all weekend.

And then, Sunday night, I wrapped it up in a camouflage bandana and brought it home.

Are you watching for His gifts? …. for His activity in your life? If you believe He loves you, are you watching for the signs? … the little things and the big? The gifts that are outright “Makes Me Happy” *clap clap clap* gifts … and the gifts that are disguised as struggles? Every happening in your life
first sifts through the hands of our Heavenly Father.
There is nothing that will happen to you
that doesn’t first get his “okay.”
So, the new job and the lost job
the money to buy new tires and the flat tire on the way to the concert …
the friend who supports you through thick and thin and the friend who turns his back on you …
the big rock that I can’t take with me  and the big rock … this rock …. that I can ….
they can all be considered gifts.
For we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose Romans 8:28

Somehow, rocks remind me of God. They represent strength.
They are weighty, dense and ….. somehow,
they just seem so very important to life.
It’s the strangest thing,

but they just plain Make Me Happy.

So, a new amphibolite with a quartz vein Makes Me Happy this morning …
one that I get to keep …
a gift, even? from the One that they represent?
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morn?


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