Makes Me Happy Monday : Organic Kitchenware

It was a small thing,
but it really made me smile.
She could have chosen any plates.
They could have been white styrofoam,
or flowery, flimsy paper plates.
They could have been uncoated, divided white Chinet plates,
or plates with a cheesy design.
Lisa offered to bring the paper plates to
our small group social last Saturday,
and these are the plates she chose …
out of the ordinary paper plates
with an earthy, organic design
in white, brown, tan and a gorgeous turquoise!

Aren’t they fun?? They were just a bit more than everyday … and I told her I thought they were beautiful.

Isn’t it funny … how the small things can bring joy?
A note in the mail,
a kleenex over the pew because you’re sniffling away a tear,
a honk and a wave when the person could have looked the other way …
and lovely paper plates.

Intentionally go out of your way today,
to do more than you have to ….
because it’ll bless others AND you.

Yep, these gorgeous paper plates made me happy last weekend at our small group picnic.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morn?


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