Makes Me Happy Monday : Converse High Tops

I have looked for a pair of gray Converse shoes for a few years. Most of their shoes have little support or padding. I have a high arch and find it difficult to spend my days walking on a thin piece of rubber with no support, so I haven’t invested in a pair of gray Chucks …
until now.

The other day I decided to sweep the mall again for a pair of gray shoes. I have lots of gray, black and silver-toned winter clothing, so I needed some shoes to wear with these. My favorite black shoes … finally bit the dust. I had to toss them, I’d worn them so long.  This awesome pair of shoes has extra padding around the ankle AND more padding between my feet and the ground … super for a pair of Chucks!! They are!

And I love that they are another juxtaposition in my life. People don’t expect to see a pair of high tops on a nearing-fifty-year-old woman. Add to that the fact that they’re with a fold down flap around the ankle … and I just can’t wear them often enough!

Mondays. Mondays are for juxtaposition, funky shoes and gray and black.
Yep, my new Converse High Tops Make Me Happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morn?


2 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Converse High Tops

  1. What made me happy this monday morning:

    1. putting together my blog post from the surprise I discovered in my kitchen yesterday!
    2. seeing my oldest son go back to college with his Bible and My Utmost for His Highest on top of his duffle bag!

    What does NOT make me happy this Monday morning:

    1. the huge mess left in my kitchen from sunday’s cooking and baking!! ugh!


  2. I haven’t looked yet … but wonder about your surprise. Can’t wait to see and hear!!
    And gifts for a mama’s heart … a son who yearns for his Father. Praise Him.
    ❤ u, Elizabeth!


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