Makes Me Happy Monday : Sunsets and Pumpkins

The children and I have been to a pumpkin patch before. Joy and I have been to a corn maze.
But, I don’t ever remember doing these things with a man.

Last weekend, Joy and I ventured to Atlanta. It was our first visit as a family to Stone’s home. We spent our weekend celebrating fall. Joy and I enjoyed a skate park Friday afternoon while Stone and Jet went to a men’s conference at their church. We all returned to the same park on Sunday afternoon after church, before Joy and I had to head home.

But, Saturday was a day chock full of fall festivities.

We went to a farm near Athens where we ate freshly popped, warm kettle corn
(the absolute best I have e.v.e.r had!!),

pet all sorts of critters with feathers, fur and hair, rode a beautiful red-wagon hay ride, jumped, ran and laughed. We spent hours? …. in a corn maze … me bringing up the rear so I could snap shot after shot of Stone and Jet holding hands and Joy leading the way on the packed dirt path that wound its way around and through eight to ten acres of mature green corn. I’m absolutely certain that Stone had as much or more fun than the rest of us. It was a beautiful day. And I was grateful …
that as we ventured through the day
I was given the gift
of holding Stone’s hand
and the freedom to gift kisses.  *swoons to a faint*

Our day concluded with a trip through the farm’s pumpkin patch.  Joy and I were quick to pick out a pumpkin just a few rows in. But, these boys … they walked row after row.

Stone, being the analytical type and having carved a few pumpkins before, had a certain pumpkin shape in mind. He found one and another that might work and began to explain to me why one might be better over another.  Words like “presentation surface” and “carving surface” were used in his description. After at least thirty minutes of deliberation, he asked my opinion. I laughed and said, “Stone, I am a creative soul. I can make beautiful any pumpkin in this field. I think we see this very differently.”  Then I added, “I can see why you were in your late thirties when you first married.”

We planned to carve our pumpkins together … but time got away from us. Since we assured Joy she would have the chance to return to the skate park on Sunday afternoon, we decided we would carve our gourds later on in the week rather than force the project into our weekend.
Stone was quick to send me a photo of the pumpkin he and Jet carved the following week … Jet sitting proudly on the hearth of their fireplace with a cheesy grin, holding a masterpiece in his lap. As Stone told me of their fun … of his carefully saving the seeds so that they could be roasted in the oven … of how he took the time to put a handful into a ziploc bag so that Jet could take them to school with his lunch on Monday … and I was moved.
This man  ….
this man has a huge heart that selflessly guides his days, offering knowledge and love to his son in a way that is grand.
This man … is an investor.
He is engaged in the life of his son, sharing enthusiasm, passions and time in a way that I have not witnessed. I am honored to be allowed to glimpse into their lives and  to glean my own lessons on selfless, intentional giving.
I tell him over and over he is wonderful. He needs to hear it, for it is true.
Yes, an amber sunset over a bodacious field filled with pumpkins for the picking …
round, ripe and orange in a plethora of shapes and sizes ….
this makes me happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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