Makes Me Happy Monday : His Flat Bottom Whisk

God loves details. I know this.
And I see His activity in the details of my life daily, weekly, annually.
He is writing my life story … and, at least for me, it is an exciting page turner.

As I watch God write the story of my friendship with Stone into the current chapter of my life
I see Him adding the minute details
that make my heart leap with joy.

Some of the details are more liken to innuendos.
Only I can see them … detect them … decipher them.
They only move me.
But, that is appropriate
because they are gifts meant for me.

This is a crock that sits on my kitchen counter beside my stove. It holds my smaller cooking utensils.

One of my favorite kitchen tools is my flat bottom, wire whisk. When Glory moved out a year ago, I insisted that I find her one the same style and shape to use in her own kitchen. Though, having been in the kitchen for ten years, she already knew the importance of THIS tool.

I have a larger whisk with a full, wide, round bottom. It is great for frothing and beating when using a large bowl, but it cannot do what this small whisk can do.

I reach for this flat bottom whisk over the larger one … nine times out of ten.

When we have guests and I am in the kitchen, I explain WHY this whisk is so good. Let me tell you about it.

It is metal. I can use it in a cooking pan while cooking without fear of damage.
It is not too large or too small, it is almost always the appropriate size for mixing.
It compresses to strengthen it’s power when needed.
It is easy to clean.
And … this whisk’s most important attribute:
It has no round edge that leaves untouched food around the outer edge of a pan.
It fully, cleanly, smoothly mixes all the ingredients in a pan.

I use it to create a roux, beat eggs and
melt sugar, cocoa and a dab of milk
when crafting home-made hot chocolate on cold, winter morns.
Other than a knife or spatula/spoon for stirring,
it is the most often reached for utensil in my kitchen.

Very few kitchens I have visited have a whisk this style …
or at least that seems to be my experience.
Do YOU have one this style? I’d love to know.

A month ago, while visiting Stone,
I opened his drawer to the right of his stove
and found this ….

I stood there with my jaw dropped. I slowly reached into the draw in amazement
and picked up the whisk
a gift …
I spun around the kitchen … Yes! I danced.
It’s silly. It’s a little thing …
but it’s huge to me.

Each time we spend time together, God gives me some little, something to add to our friendship story …
some little something that reinforces that we share commonalities … Stone and I.
We are well matched. We are different enough that our friendship is intricate
but we are so similar that we are comfortably, strongly compatible.
We work together well as a team. It’s a grandiose matching.
In fact, I believe with all my being that it is a Providential matching …
and, again, if I am wrong, I pray He would let me know.

This weekend’s gifting was finding that we care for our money in the same way.
I order money in my wallet in declining value order, larger denominations to the rear.
Bills face the same direction and are all right side up.
At any time, I can pull the farthest bill from me and know that it is the greatest value in my purse.
My money is easy to count.
I don’t have to search through pockets for wadded up bills and dig through the bottom of my purse for coins.
My money is easy to find, count and track.
Stone orders his money the same.
We both keep our checking accounts balanced.
We both have small change jars in our vehicles.
It’s a little thing …
and yet, it speaks volumes to me …
of a God who knows my heart and cares enough for me
to add little details … nuances …. to the carefully craft story of this friendship in my life.

Yes, the memory of a a flat bottom, wire whisk
in the kitchen draw at Stone’s house
Makes Me Happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morn?

14 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : His Flat Bottom Whisk

  1. What makes me happy is that you obviously had a good weekend. That is wonderful! Oh, and I got some new craft stuff this weekend that I cannot wait to play with!

    While I was growing up, we did not have a round-bottom whisk in our kitchen. I had seen them, obviously, but never used one. And I don’t really care for them now even though one or two (wedding presents, maybe?) have ended up in our kitchen. What a waste of space.

    It is great when you find those things that match in a relationship. Very often we spend way too much of our time trying to figure out how to deal with the differences, I think. Differences can be distracting, if you let them. Making sure to look for similarities (even small ones) brings harmony. I have a lot of both in my marriage. I’m seeing now that what is important is not the tally of how many differences vs similarities, but my perspective on both. When I have a good, healthy perspective, things are very good. When things are good for me and Charles, people often call us Dinner and a Show because of the way we interact together. I want more of that, and I know that it is not dependent on getting rid of differences. It is a matter of perspective – and having a flat-bottom whisk.


    1. I DID have a good weekend!
      Craft stuff is definitely a happy maker!!
      So I’m not the only one who has little use from the round bottom whisk? lol I do use mine SOME … but it’s a rarity.
      I have written several times on perspective and it’s so true; perspective makes all the difference.
      We have our differences … but they make us more interesting as friends. Many of our similarities are big, but the small ones are the ones that I’m treasuring, because I feel like they are being revealed as a gifts.
      Good for you for being desirable dinner guests! That’s very flattering!


  2. All I got to say is I soo understand those gifts that are just for us , those things that only God would know would mean so much to us. Sometimes they bring me out of panic mode and sometimes they are THE best thing I think this side of heaven. God is building us a mansion and I think it will be filled with surprises that only He and I only knew about. Sometimes they feel like inside jokes and sometimes they just prove to me that God is watching over my kids in the tiniest details and sometimes they shame me because I might have let fear have its way w/ me and thought the worse in some scenarios when it actually turns out beautiful . God is AAHHH MazING!
    So happy for you!


  3. I googled Flat bottom wisk and found your story. I have the same feelings about this tool and have been in search of one for months. It was the perfect tool and always made me happy! The one I had used for years finally got too rusty and I tossed it thinking I could easily get a new one and have been looking all over for it ever since.

    Where did you get the wisk?


    1. where can i find one, I have one, but need a backup, have had it for years. every time I go to town I search for one. no luck, is there a certain store that carrys them?




    1. Marcy,
      They are the best, aren’t they? I secondhand shop and haven’t found one in quite a while. I’m keeping my eyes open as I haven’t seen one in a retail store in years. I’ll let you know if I come across a few. My dad is first on the waiting list right now. lol


  5. Marcy and Kim,
    I’m SO excited! I searched until I found one … and now know …. this whisk isn’t called a “flat bottom whisk.” When we are googling it, we come up empty because it is called a “spring whisk.” So, here are a few links to help you out! Now I can buy one for my son and daughter who have set up housekeeping and my dad! Yay!!
    Amazon link:

    and another link:


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