Autumn Sweets & Gifts

I spied some beautiful little autumn treats through Pinterest.
Last weekend, my small group from church had a get together and I knew they would be the desserts that I would take.

I miss the days that Joy was in  a homeschooling co-op and moms were automatically with the children.
I miss the days when Joy was at the elementary school right around the corner. The children knew me by name. The teachers and staff recognized my face. I dined with Joy every.single.Friday at lunch.

Today, she is a “middleschooler” at a larger school full of strangers …. to me.
In Joy’s eyes, cute cupcakes from mom would be welcome … by any mom, except her own.
I understand.
It doesn’t make it any more easy.

So, I bake
and pipe icing
and carry these to share with friends
whom I know and love
rather than a classroom full of children.
This is where we are right now … and I can accept it.

And I count my autumn blessings
and those that I can shower with sweets.
I am thankful for many things this fall
blessings sweet and numerous ….
colorful and delicious ….

I add to my list of One Thousand Gifts ….

386. warm fall days that hold at arm’s length the overtaking of cold that is inevitable
387. colorful leaves that twirl in the breeze, waving good-bye to summer …. slowly but surely
388. metal pencil sharpeners that do their job well, sturdy and strong and long-lifed
389. WordPress, the publishing platform that I use for this blog … dependable, well built, easy to use and free.
390. my Dalmatian, that misses me when I go out of town and pines for me to return from the shortest jaunts
391. Joy’s quick wit
392. Glory’s sunshine smile
393. James’ techno savvy
394. faithful financial provision by God
395. a fireplace that roars with warmth on chilly evenings
396. biceps and abs that continue to strengthen as I work to become more physically strong
397. a faithful spiritual Father that draws me closer, closer, closer to His bosom … teaching me, loving me … tenderly, gently reprimanding my waywardness … and embracing my small obediences
398. my wonderful van … with tires that stay in alignment for thousands of miles, with comfortable seats, and an engine that cranks when I turn the key
399. another year of life for my father who celebrates his birthday on Thanksgiving next week – how appropriate
400. pain … to prompt us to shun the dangerous
401. words to share my heart
402. fonts that allow expression of the written word in text
403. beeswax lotion that supples my skin and keeps me comfortable
404. friend’s who speak rebuke and correction with gentleness when their words are difficult to pen or share
405. knowing that my Father speaks through the lives of others – they are His hands, His feet, His spoken word in my life
406. God’s Holy Spirit … ever moving within me to direct me, rebuke me, love me, show me how, when and where to go … to do … to speak … to quiet … to touch … to move. He is wonderfully good to me. I can’t grasp His activity in a way that I can explain. daily. Praise God.
407. electricity
408. beautiful rocks
409. a small group that welcomes me … and others … a place that I yearn to return when I am out of town … a safe haven for learning and being real
410. a stash of Christmas gifts ready to place under the tree when the time comes … quickly
411. shadows long and lovely

May your day, my friends,
be sweet.


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