We do not know ….

A cardinal watches me over his feathered shoulder from my parent’s deck. He clicks and chirps to his bride afar, summonsing her closer. She answers, but hasn’t shown herself just yet.

As I write, it is Saturday morn. It is a quiet, breezy morning. The sun has been up nary an hour. A clock ticks on the wall on the porch and I hear Kingfisher, Cardinal, Crow and Chick-a-dee nearby. I think of contrasts.

Yesterday, these skies were almost cloud free. They were clear and crisp and blue. But, this morn, we wake to overcast … the sun’s rays struggling their way to the earth.

Yesterday, I sat in this wooden porch chair, my mother beside me. My father sat in the left hand chair while Stone occupied the chair seen on the right. Sun flooded this outdoor living room as we chatted about the Civil War, family history, camping and a life time of interests. I sat and thought how I’d like time to stand still. He was with me for a day. But the day would come to an end and he would climb into his Rodeo and drive back to his life. I will miss him terribly today … and those to come.

Yesterday afternoon, Stone and Jet, Joy, my mother and father and I climbed into this pontoon boat and made a wide circle down sloughs, through tributaries, past Spring Creek and back past Hutchinson’s Ferry Landing on Lake Seminole. We watched Osprey, Heron, and Eagle light, swoop and soar above and around us. Coots by the t.h.o.u.s.a.n.d sat on the water and skittered out of our way as we plowed past and through them. I loved listening to Stone point out all the birds to Jet, describing how to tell one from another, their mannerisms and markings.  I loved listening to my dad share lake facts with Stone.

Thursday afternoon, after lunch, we watched a half dozen grown men line the dock next door to watch a powerful little red remote control sport boat zoom.zoom.zoom up and down the slough. It was so much fun to watch the boat and watch the men … having so much fun.

Thursday afternoon, this thoroughfare from the house to the boat dock was filled with grown boys (my brother, Rusty’s brothers and his nephew) that tossed a football back and forth … all thinking of past years when Rusty was there to join in on the spinning, airborne leather, testosterone and muscle.

Thursday night, father and son, sister and brother, mothers and children sat around this fire pit. We listened to tunes, lyrics and laughter, stories and memories spill forth. I sat and savored and thought of how l.o.n.g it had been since I had shared fellowship of this type with these people – my family and the Rodgers.

Wednesday, my father, my brother and I sat and talked with Russ on this deck. We talked about Russ’ son, Rusty, and other topics that have now blurred in my memory. What has not blurred is that  our time was sweet. I delighted in the fellowship … my brother coming down too seldom …. Russ being still beside my father just as rare a treat for me to enjoy. Life is busy. And we never know what tomorrow holds.

I sit in the still
in the quiet
and am reminded
that we know not what tomorrow holds.
The loved one you know with cancer could die soon …
but just as easily
a car accident could take her life
or a heart attack could take his.
We do not know what tomorrow holds.
Love on the people around you.
Seek out those that come to mind.
Pray for them. Send them a card. Share how much they have meant to you.
Because …
we do not know
what tomorrow holds.

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