May your weekend offer embracing

May your weekend be simply lovely, dear friends.
May you find some time to be quiet and still  ….
to sit in the sunshine and soak in the warmth ….
to warm cool hands around a hot mug of steaming coziness …
time to refresh and reflect.
Make time to embrace, listen and focus.
Sit beside him and hold his hand, massage his neck, caress his forearm.
Sit across the table from the children and
shuffle cards, roll the dice or move around a game board.
Sing a song, pluck an instrument, read a story …
but be there. Soak them in. Drink in the moments …
because we never know what tomorrow holds. 

{{{hugs}}}, blessings & peace to you,



4 thoughts on “May your weekend offer embracing

  1. One of the few life lessons that I have truly succeeded in incorporating into my very being is to “drink in the moments.” It may be the most important lesson of all.


  2. You are right, Bev …. “the most important lesson of all.” And it is equally yoked with love those around you. With those two, we can do great things … through Him that strengthens us. *swoons*


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