Makes Me Happy Monday : Christmas Artwork

I fear not being “perfect.”

I want everything I do to be the best that I can offer.
So, when I work on a art project,
I often put off beginning because beginning will force me closer to the end ….
or will put me in a position to have started without ending.
Either place is a difficult place to be,
when you want everything that you do to be “the best it can be.”

So, I put off the start.

But, sometimes … like at school, for example,
there are requests for projects. You must work … or fail.
Someone requested that I create a piece of artwork for a Christmas auction for a fundraiser for my Sunday School class. The donation goes to The Lottie Moon Fund which is an annual offering collected around Christmas that finances missionaries within the Baptist denomination.

When I was first asked, I was so excited. But, then all those little doubts arise.
Fear is a strong elixir that renders us paralyzed.
My preferred creativity is mixed media. I’m a little untraditional.  My artwork wouldn’t fit in everybody’s home. And …. truly …. if it WOULD fit into most everybody’s home, then it would be too generic to be a true representation of my creative heart. I knew that my artwork wouldn’t be the most fought over at the auction. And it wasn’t. I’m okay with that.

I’m okay with that
because I had a vision,
and my artwork fulfilled that initial vision.

But, I found myself walking through the same lesson that I have learned over and over again. I must make myself “do it.” I allow myself to get busy with the busy-ness of living and I don’t do the thing that I was created to do … I don’t create.

I am thankful to have been asked to create …
and to have had someone waiting for my project
so that I was forced to create.

In the end, my project was exactly what I had envisioned.
It might not fit in everybody’s home ….
but it would fit in MY home.
And that is what is truly important to me ….
that what I create
be an honest representation of who I am.

This artwork was that. It was mixed media – ribbon and glass micro beads, paint and wire, paper and pen, sequins and jute, tissue paper and trinkets …. in earthen colors on fresh canvas. It was framed with an antique wooden frame, sanded of scratches and refurbished with varnish.
These things were combined in a way to proclaim God’s glory, richness and beauty.
This artwork made me happy.

My angel was untraditional, my frame refurbished, my motivation pressured …
but my pleasure was genuine and my contentment thorough
upon completion of the project.So, this Monday morning I can say that
my completed Christmas artwork Makes Me Happy.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


11 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Christmas Artwork

  1. Woah! I LOVE this!! I am so excited — I did not know you had this talent!!
    Wow, I am so lucky to have such artistic friends!!
    When does it go for auction???


  2. What makes me happy this Monday? Seeing this magnificent work of your art! It always makes me happy on those all too rare occasions when you share photos of your creations. I would have loved the opportunity to bid on this.

    And a simple reminder…perfect, as a standard, is relative and therefore unattainable. Giving the best you have to offer, as you always do, is a moving target as we change and grow and are busy or are idle, etc etc. which is why your offerings are always “perfect.”


    1. Would it really? Fit in your home? It would work in mine, as well. Maybe our styles are that similar? *grins*

      Carolyn …. uhm…. I could try to make one for you … but …. it was an original so the next would certainly different, especially as I don’t have it as a reference for a template/pattern.


      1. Karen, I have a hot pink (ceiling too) foyer filled with eclectic art. The rest of the house is about to start filling up with eclectic art. I buy things I like when I see them, but I especially like art that is made by people I know/like/want to remember. If you are taking commissions, that is…


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