Makes Me Happy Monday : People who Celebrate People

I use photos (because I love photos and taking photographs)
and words (because I am passionate about communicating, words and typography)
to create artwork.

When I look at a photograph, it often reminds me of visual music ….
it has a melody all its own.
And like a song will often have lyrics, a photo can “sing.”
So, I call this type photo a Lyrigraph
because it joins the lyrics of a song and the image of a photograph.

This is one of my favorite types of creativities because
the final product loves on people.
It communicates worth, value and friendship
in a special, specific way.
People need to hear and see that they are treasured.
What better way than to embellish a photograph
with adjectives, nouns and verbs that point out
the person’s positive attributes and strongest character traits?

Here is a photo that I took downtown on a photoshoot with my sweet friend Sarah,
her brother, husband and friends.

And let me mention here, how amazing these friends are. They worship together and have been friends for a long time. At the time of this photo Sarah was married to Richard (they are the two that are second from the back on each side of the “v”).  Sarah’s best friend, Zoe, front and center, was married but her husband was unable to join us. And all the others were dating, but not all engaged (they actually lined up according to who was dating whom).  Today, the two on the back are now married and each other pair are engaged. It’s pretty neat to watch the further weaving together … in an even more permanent fashion … these friendships … these souls … these beautiful spirits.

I created a photo like this for my friend Kenneth and his wife, Jami, as a gift for their daughter. Lauren liked it so much, she asked me to create one for her best friend. This is a photo that they took at the beach of Lauren’s best friend and my final creation using words that Lauren gathered to describe her wonderful best friend.

I love the final product … but more than that, I love that Flo loved the final product.

And how could someone NOT love
when a friend takes the time to gather loving words
and ask someone to embellish a beautiful photo
so that you have a tangible reminder that
somebody, somewhere thinks you are
compassionate, jolly, beautiful,
uplifting, loyal, lovely,
solid, fun and sweet?
To think that she is considered
a favorite …. a treasure … a safe place!!
What an honor!

So, this Monday, I am reminded that
people who praise … love on … and celebrate people
Make Me really Happy.
How about you? What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


4 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : People who Celebrate People

  1. Finally, I have a little time to wander through your blog, and found this post! So Sweet!! Can’t wait to share it with the girls…. both of whom we now claim as daughters. Thanks again for your willingness to participate (create) in the gift!


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