Makes Me Happy Monday : Fat Tire Glassware

I’ve never really liked the taste of beer
until now.

Stone is a brewer. He doesn’t pop the cap on a can and drink a six-pack at a time, he pours the beverage from the bottle into a glass, watches the head form, swirls, smells and tastes. He talks to me about the ingredients in the brew, the color and opacity of the liquid  … the amount of barley, the type of hops. Drinking beer is not consuming a beverage, it is an event. He doesn’t drink Budweiser or Natural Light, he prefers the beer that I had never considered …. Blue Moon, Fat Tire, Negro Modelo and the like.

And I have quickly learned to appreciate these beverages … because they taste good.  I only drink a half a beer on any given night when we partake  … or one whole one if we’re having a big dinner. But, I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the qualities of the beer and the tastes and aromas that represent the ingredients.

Years ago, when Stone was young, he was a member of a dart team. Yes, you read that properly. He tells me, “b.c.” (before child) he spent his days working, playing darts, riding his bike, and brewing/enjoying beer. It’s perfectly acceptable if you feel the need to roll your eyes. It sounds geeky to me, as well … but, working, exercising and darts for entertainment were legal and enjoyable. The whole image just makes me like him even more!

With the dart team came dart tournaments … which were often held at bars. So, he made it a point to collect beer glasses as he attended these different tournaments. Thus the accumulation of these wonderful glasses that now grace his kitchen cabinet.

Since Fat Tire has become a favorite brew of mine and I l♥ve biking, the Fat Tire glass has become my favorite in the cupboard, as it happens to also be Stone’s favorite.  When i visit his home, I have found myself reaching for this glass as my weekend water/beer/tea glass.

I have even looked on-line to see if I might pick up a set of these glasses for my own keeping  … but it appears that this particular printing is quite dated and no longer available new. Maybe I’ll come across a set second hand somewhere later on.

For now, I’m enjoying this Fat Tire glass as my favorite chalice when I visit Stone.
This Fat Tire glass Makes Me Happy on this first Monday of the new year.
How about you? What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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