Makes Me Happy Monday : Biceps and Grit

As the days begin to lengthen, so will they soon begin to warm. Oysters are only available during months with names that have an “r” in them. We bought a bushel a few months ago when Stone came to town, but wanted to have another gathering with some friends. School will be back in session soon so Stone and Jet came over for a few days last week before we are all thrown back into scheduled life. We bought a bushel of oysters, invited a few friends over and stood around the grill trying to stay warm in the high 30 temps while we dined on oysters raw, steamed and grilled in the shells in butter, onion and garlic.

We had a big enough crowd that we almost finished off the bushel. When morning came, crushed ice lay piled around the cooler on the deck, frozen  and stiff from the frigid night air, having moved nary a bit from melting through the darkness.  Stone was intent on not allowing the three or four dozen oysters that were not consumed go to waste. Before he left town, he sat down with a shucking knife and pried open shells, scooping out the oyster while we chatted.

The warmth of his body and his breath powering down upon the thermometer on his zipper pull gave the false sense that the morning was much warmer than it actually was. The hour he spent outside shucking and then cleaning up the deck and scrubbing the cooler and utensils was greatly appreciated.

His strong work ethic and frugal spirit warm my heart. He is not wasteful. He is quick to offer a helping hand. He does not mind working hard or long.

In fact, while he was visiting, he took a huge slice of time to try to whittle away at a wood pile in our back yard.
He split logs for an hour or two … not at my request, but at his insistence.

I moved split wood from the pile he was creating to the fence line
and prayed thanksgiving … for him
ever aware that his friendship is a gift from God
and continuing to ask God to take him away
if he is a gift that God does not want me to indulge.
I always pray that I … we, in fact, Joy and I,
bless his life multi-dimensionally
and bring a richness and quality of friendship
that he has not experienced.
Oh, that we might be a blessing ….. please, Lord.

Stone is a man of character
with physical strength, fortitude and strength of will.
He blesses me
and he Makes Me Happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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