Dreaming of Stones

After Stone and I spent four full hours at the rock and gem show in Atlanta,
we went back to his house and continued our rock adventure.
He has a few finds out on display in his home,

but doesn’t currently have a display case that will house them all
so many of  his rocks, minerals, fossils and finds
are tucked away in boxes under his bed.
When he mentioned that he had more rocks than those out on display,
I asked if he would show them to me.
And he did.
One by one, he carefully unwrapped
and told me stories
of where these riches were found,
how they formed
and why they are special.
He referenced back to stories he has shared,
rocks that we had seen earlier in the day
and earlier trips and studies he has experienced.

He told me how a past girl friend told him he was a “geek” or a “dork”
or some other demeaning word
and laughed as
he unwrapped his discoveries and talked.
And I thought how sad … that a passion so deep and rich
could go unappreciated … even mocked.
We all have gifts and passions
and it just seems right that each of us is appreciated
for who we are …
and that others would accept and approve
whether they understand and share the zeal or not.
…. *sigh*   …. Such would be a perfect world, wouldn’t it?

So, I listened intently with fascination ….
was amazed
and, of course, asked questions
as Stone told me stories of history and point of origin.
And he even shared a few of his treasures with me …
one that I will return, should our relationship not continue
because the rock is
beautiful and special.
(A Makes Me Happy Monday post, for sure!!)

I have long been a collector. When I was a teen, we camped often.
We camped on a beach that was littered with shells …
many that are hard to find whole and intact in other places.
I have a Sundial and a Helmet
that are favorites because they were found without blemish and still rich with color.
I still have them today on my shelf of treasures.
(The helmet is the shell on the top in the collage on the right)

Many people have a “Bucket List.” My “Life List,” as I call it, includes things that I would like to find. I would love, for example, to find a meteorite, enough sea glass to fill a small bowl and
a Petroskey stone.

After spending some time yesterday on Pinterest and searching around the web for inspiration of all sorts,
I found myself  searching through the night
as I dreamed
about looking for Petoskey Stones.
These stones are actually some that I marked on my Pinterest account.
They are decorated by an artist, Yoran Morvant,
and look very much like they are Petoskey Stone inspired.
The Petoskey Stone is actually a fossilized coral remnant and is named the State Rock for Michigan. They can be found around the state and are beautiful in their natural state, but are absolutely gorgeous when polished.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I had actually dreamed about my hat and gloves …. that have a pattern that mimics that of the stone.

Stone and I have begun to share a verbal list of places we would like to go and things we would like to do. Though he is a Geologist and has studied out west, he’s never visited the Grand Canyon. NOTHING would be cooler than to visit the Grand Canyon … with a Geologist! *swoons* THAT trip is definitely on our “List of Places to See!”  I think I am going to begin a journal with a page for each destination and activity, with space for details and a photo of the event when it comes to fruition.  Going to Michigan to find Petoskey Stones will have a page, for sure.

So, in my dreams last night I walked, searched and asked for help from people along the way.
I thought about these gorgeous stones all night …
and now
I’m all the more intent
on beginning a “Life List” journal.

How about you? Do YOU have a Bucket List or a Life List?
Would you share a dream or two?

3 thoughts on “Dreaming of Stones

  1. Long before anyone coined the name “Bucket List” I dreamed of visiting all 50 states, a dream realized in 1998 as we drove over the pass from Idaho into Montana on our way to Glacier on a gorgeous summer morning. Since retiring in 2010, we have traveled in our motorhome from our Chicago base to the Florida Keys, to Seattle, to Arizona a few times, to northern Maine and moments ago we crossed from Arizona into California to visit family, friends, and drive out to our first home together after we married in 1986.

    On our earlier travels, when we were both employed, we only had time to briefly visit “Bucket List” places on vacations. Like you are now, we planned and selected with care our treasured trips during those years. With our current leisurely pace we get to discover what is surely an infinite number of astonishing places in this great country of ours. I am one lucky lady getting to travel for months at a time with the man I adore.


  2. Awww, Bev. That sounds so wonderful. What a blessing! I’m glad that you’re able to
    and share the experience.
    Do you have a journal for your travels? Or do you scrapbook any of your traveling?


  3. I blog our travels, being careful about using Labels for sorting purposes. Then for birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc, I have a trip published for Rich in a hardcover book at Blog2Print. I had hoped to publish one or two from 2011 for Christmas and our anniversary but between spending so much time with our grands and my internet connectivity problems, I haven’t found the time to do so yet.

    Back in the day, when I printed all my photos, each photo had the date, place, and persons noted on the back and then placed in order in albums. Even then I took a LOT of photos and now wonder where I found the time to do that along with kids, life, and work. Those albums are a valuable source of reference for all of us now and I find myself scanning some to digital to make special event photo books. I kept written trip journals back then to remember the names of places we were seeing and for many years also kept a personal journal. Now that we are retired I guess that’s the time I spend reading your blog…giggle!


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