Makes Me Happy Monday : Pinecones

My wonderful big kids have each loaned me their computers throughout this last week so that I can do a few things here and there. My Macbook is still reeling from her incredible crippling. Only God knows and time will tell how long it will be before I’m back completely functioning on-line. I’ve been able to sporadically check my email and, from time to time, check in on Facebook.  I’m still spending days at the Apple store trying to save my photos. Maybe another day or two and I’ll be finished.

With Glory’s Mac in my lap, I thought I’d do a quick Makes Me Happy Monday post … since they are my favorite! *grins*

I love trees. I love leaves. And I love pinecones.
And my favorite jewelry, right now, is adorned with pinecones.

Della and I aren’t really gifty with each other. BUT, when we see something that reminds us of the other, we buy it. So, I bought her a yummy pair of deliciously comfy socks for Christmas …
and she bought me a gorgeous pair of earrings and necklace that match.

Funny thing is … I had a similar pair of earrings marked as a “favorite” on Etsy.

And I just love both of these.

So, the earrings I reach for most often ….
that Make Me Happy on Monday
and every day ….
are these wonderful pinecone earrings that I received as a gift
from one of my best friends.

Thank you, Della, for the gift of your friendship
and of jewelry.
You Make Me Happy …
this Monday morning and always.

How about you, friends?
What Makes You Happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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