I’ll never be Forty-nine

When someone asks your age,
do you have to s.t.o.p and figure out your answer?
I have had to do this for Y.E.A.R.S  … and year and years!!!!

In the early years, there are so many milestone birthdays, starting with thirteen, the year a child becomes a “teen.” Then fifteen and sixteen swing through with hoopla and the independence that new driving privileges usher forth. Eighteen allows you to vote and be held responsible for your actions within our law system. And at twenty-one, you are a legal drinker.

After that ….. is there a big milestone birthday?

Big “O’s” shake some people … but thirty and forty just didn’t make me tremble.

I am surrounded with friends who are turning 50 …
and frankly, some are a bit shaken up by this “turning point.”
Oh! There are plenty of things that concern me about my future …
but the number on my birthday cake is not one of them.

While riding trails on Friday afternoon,
I decided that I’m going to s.k.i.p a birthday altogether.

From now ’til September, when people ask me, “How old are you?”
I am going to answer, “Next year, I will be 50 years old.”
And in September, I will change my answer to, “I’ll be 50 on my next birthday.”

You know how some women will tell people they are 29
or 39
for years and years?

I really don’t want to ever have to answer the “How old you?” question
with “49.”
For some reason, I think people might think that I’m not r.e.a.l.l.y 49 …
I’m just hanging onto that number because I don’t want to move on.

So, I’m just going to leave 48 behind, skip over 49 altogether
and move on to 50!
Let’s embrace this! I just want to go ahead and take the bull by the horns!!
I’m going move right on past any fretfulness that might try to wiggle its way into my perspective.

I know for a fact that I am in the best shape I have been in my life. I run almost every day … up to three miles at least twice a week. After spending my entire life with a weak upper body, I can now do a few strong push-ups and one (almost beautiful) pull-up. I am at a good weight – AND I stayed at this good weight all the way through the holiday season and winter! Yay! I make wise food choices and  …
I may be a divorcee, but I am a loving person with a big heart.
I do my best at most anything I do and
while I have failed in multiple areas of life,
I seek God’s direction and fellowship
and know He loves me and forgives me
even though, frankly, I’m a mess.
The things that I can control – my attitude and my choices –
are handled to the best of my ability,
with the Holy Spirit as my Guide and Mentor.

WHY would the number “50” be a bad thing?

So, there ya have it.
I’m skipping the 49th year altogether.
I’ll be 50 next year.
And I am wonderfully, perfectly pleased with that.

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