Makes Me Happy Monday: Spring Coffee Cup

On my last trip to Atlanta, I made my way into the Anthropolgie store at the mall.  The ecclectic feel in that store energizes me and fills me with creative vision using texture, color and style.

I recently realized that I am more drawn to serving pieces for meals than any other collectable. It struck me as odd … until I thought about how much I enjoy cooking and serving. A different plate design can completely renovate a table and change the mood from masculine to feminine, from formal to casual, from festive to everyday.

As I walked through the store, searching for inspiration
admiring the silky, caressing the fluffy and inspecting the earthen,
intrigued by vintage reproduction hardware and perfume,
drawn to jewelry, bedding and soap alike ….
I spied a row of beautiful teacups taking up residence
on a large, falsely abused, rough hewn hutch
that fairly poorly mimics antique.

I have one or two teacups or coffee mugs that I tuck away inside each of my seasonal storage containers. The autumn cups in gold, amber and olive come out around mid-September when I bring out fall and Thanksgiving joy. The Christmas mugs comes out right after Thanksgiving. And hearts cover the Valentine tankards.

She was beautiful porcelain.
She looked to be a quality that won’t chip easily.
I was afraid to look at the bottom of the cup.
How much might this treasure cost?

Only $12.00! Should I be able to keep her safe from the throws of my evil, cast-iron-under-porcelain sink, I might use her for years or longer. $12.00 seems a small investment for something so beautiful with the potential for years of enjoyment.

I choose this cup for its beautiful spring colors
of burgundy, turquoise, salmon and spring olive.
The design that reminds me of a snuggly, quilt …
heavy enough to hold on tight through the night and
offering the security of a secure hug.
And so, morning after morning,
I pour my creamer into the bottom of her pretty little bowl
and watch the cream and coffee mix and roll all the way to the brim.
I hold onto her turquoise braided handle
and watch the sun rise just a wee bit earlier each morn.
I see the robins in the field by the park announcing that spring is near.
I greet the morn knowing these are last few weeks a roaring fire in the fireplace
will be needful to take the chill of the house.
And I know that soon, we’ll be in full spring bloom,
green gracing the world, skies blue and clear
and this makes me happy.
It’s been a lovely winter with little lethargy,
but spring is always a renewing …
reawakening …
a movement after slumber.
We are in the flurry of movement stage …
building nests, flurries of excitement, sparkles of hope are everywhere.
Yes, a new spring coffee cup is a small price to pay for a morning cup full of joy.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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