Under Construction

It made me  g . a . s . p    …
this photo.

It is truth.
It is revealing.
It is convicting.

This is life, is it not?

We see the jumble of sticks,
haphazardly secured together
in what appears to be
a tangled web of splintered, disconnected confusion ..
or worse …
a tattered pile of unrelated injury.

God sees a an intricate pattern of beauty …
uniquely woven together ….
to create a magnificent glory.

You, my friend, are beautiful.
Nothing has happened to you by chance.
There are no mistakes in the events of your life.

With our earthly, physical eyes
we see a heavy, dark cloud of rain bringing a storm
to terrorize our night or darken our day.
With his heavenly, spiritual eyes,
He sees life-giving water to wash away the filth
and quench the dry, parched ground beneath us.

We see the long road ahead.
He sees the path that will prepare us for the place we are traveling.

We see the train holding us captive
from the appointment that waits three blocks away.
He sees the roadblock that will prevent us
from being sideswiped by a truck
that will run the stop sign in two short minutes.

We see the broken heirloom that was gifted us by a grandparent…
shattered on the floor … pointed shards spread wide.
He sees a chance to show two rambunctious boys
that life is messy,
accidents happen
grace broad
and forgiveness abundant.
Souls are shown favor over ceramic.

Our lives are full of these juxtapositions …
our focused perspective of our pains and strifes
under the magnification put upon them by our self-centered hearts ….
in contrast to God’s view of using those struggles
to create in us what He knows we need most …
if we can just grasp the perspective properly.

God allows the dark clouds,  roadblocks, and broken vessels.
No matter the degree of chaos we see in the design,
there is an intentional pattern to the construction.
The tools are complex and diverse … cancer, accidents, death,
failure, economic struggle, abuse,
bondage, wayward family members, unemployment.
We live in a fallen world … and He allows “life” to happen to us.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

But, we are crippled by the physical view …
the perspective that is
natural and convenient and obvious.
We struggle to see the
deeper, truer, hidden spiritual assemblage
of our days, our world .. our inner being.

But, searching … digging …. hunting for the meaning …
imploring Him to show the beauty, the magnificence, the importance His tools
can lead us to a peace that is beyond natural understanding.

And come morning,
the sun will burn away the fog
and break through the clouds ….
The day will come when the skies will clear
and the ground will dry …
and our souls will be refreshed by the warmth.
We will be stronger from our adversity.
We will have strength to offer another along the way.
For there is no absconding all strife ….
we have the choice;
will we fix our eyes on the splintered, jumble of adversity around us
or the beauty of the shadow created by His light shining through us?


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