Makes Me Happy Monday: Camping

It’s been too long
since I’ve laid my head down
to sleep inside a tent.

Oh, we’ve spent some time outdoors ….  hiking trails and exploring.
Back at the first of the year at Red Top Mountain, we spent some time in the mountains.
But the last time I zipped a zipper to close my bedroom door
was the weekend of my birthday
in mid-September. *sullen gasp*

Stone and I had plans to camp this weekend. We were going to hike, bike, run and paddle our way through the weekend. But car struggles kept Stone away … and it was just as well. Had we camped, we would have spent most of our time huddled somewhere trying to stay dry as storms flashed, bumped, poured and twirled their way across the southeast.

But, it’s time. It’s time to pull out the inflatable mattress, Coleman lantern, Igloo cooler and black trunk of camping supplies. It’s time … to go.

There is something
so grounding
about fresh air, the smell of soil and the rustle of leaves.

I love to wake to birds that sound as though they are inside my tent …. that begin to sing before the sun rises … that serve as a happy alarm clock that another day is dawning … and His mercies are new each day.

I long to be somewhere that has no “to do” list looming, no grass that needs cutting, no porch and deck that need sweeping, no walls that need painting. I long to be somewhere that has a kitchen with only two pots, a bedroom that is only a wee bit larger than the bed itself, and walls that are really designed to keep out bugs and rain … but not much else.

I must figure out the best weekend to travel. We need to go, Joy and I. We need to pack up the guitar and the camera, hiking shoes and skateboard. We need to leave “here” behind and go “there” and refresh, renew, rejuvenate.
We need to do this soon.
Because truly, truly ….
camping makes me happy …. today and always.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?




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