Makes Me Happy Monday : SAG Wagons

As with any organized event involving exercise and hundreds of people, there tends to an accident, emergency, or struggle somewhere along the way.  Bike events often cover long distances and have several routes that travel in different directions. To keep riders safe, there are people who drive the routes in their cars carrying help for anyone in trouble. They often have bottles of water, food and supplies like a bicycle pump and first aid kit to offer assistance. Most vehicles are mounted with a bicycle rack to carry the bike (and rider) in serious trouble to the finish line, if need be.  Because these helpers are carrying “supplies and gear,” they are referred to as SAG wagons.

There is usually an assigned SAG wagon to sweep the route, making sure every rider makes it to the end safely.

Meet Robert.

He was the SAG wagon driver for the 68 mile route that I rode on Sunday on the Aiken Bicycle Club’s event called Aiken to Ride.

Having a terrible sense of direction combined with the fact that I am a very, very slow rider always leaves me trembling out on the road. I know that I have the potential in any event
to get lost
or completely left behind.
But, Robert was faithful. By the end of the route, we had spoken at every rest stop and he had passed me several times while I was out pedaling. I gave him the “thumbs up” sign repeatedly …
but it was so comforting knowing that ….
should I need help,
he WOULD be coming back to check on me.
And if he didn’t see me, he would search for me.

We all need a SAG wagon in our lives, don’t we?
We need someone who is watching out for us
and will come along with a wet beverage to hydrate
or an encouraging word to energize.
God didn’t put us on this big blue and green globe to live solitary lives.
He filled our world with others.
At times we drive the support car ….
and others we are the lone pedaler pulling up the rear of the crowd.

I am thankful that Robert was out there on the road yesterday.
His presence gave me great comfort.
Oh, that I might be a SAG wagon to those around me
who might be weak or discouraged ….
and that I might be humble enough to reach out
when I find myself in need.

SAG wagons Make Me Happy today.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?



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