Makes Me Happy Monday : Tiny Grandeur

Joy and I spent one of our spring break days at Stone Mountain Park. It was a glorious day. We rode the train around its base and marveled at the gorgeous mountain of rock, speckled dark amongst the clear and white quartz. We shared a picnic lunch and dinner. And we laughed. We waited in a ridiculously long line that we might traipse through a rope maze suspended off the ground. We made the very last sky bucket back down to the base of that mammoth Georgian landmark where we laid on a blanket to watch lasers tell stories of history, music and people on the face of the memorial after the sun went down. Then we were amazed by fireworks lighting the night sky.

But, what do I remember the most?

I remember the beautiful little flowers…
their shallow roots held them tightly to the top of that huge mountain of rock.
They barely had soil to hold them in place,
but they lived!
They reproduced ….
they bLooMeD!
…. there in the blustery wind
and scorching sun.
They were pummeled by storms without protection.
They were walked upon …
or passed over ….
by thousands of feet.
And they flourished
in my favorite color: autumn.
Hundreds of shades of yellow and orange
could be seen in each clump of life.
And I thought about grandeur.

There were were atop this huge stone mountain
that is known nationwide
and here were these gorgeous flowers
quietly going fairly unnoticed
in all of their glorious beauty …
in their own

This is life, isn’t it? The big, noticeable and loud get all the hoopla
while the quiet and insignificant presence of loveliness
goes almost unnoticed.

But, it need not be that way. We can look for the beauty.
We can find it all around.
In the mundane of the everyday … we CAN find it.
We can find it
in the insect crawling on the mailbox,
in the song with a beautiful new lyric
that we’ve missed every other time we’ve listened,
in listening to our bodies and knowing that
our heart beats, our blood flows and kidneys function
without a single intentional action from us.
All you need to do is watch. Watch for the untimely.
Watch for the quiet unnoticeable. Watch for the beauty.
It is all around.

I saw it in grandeur
on the top of a tremendous rock
in the middle of Georgia
in the form of tiny flowers of flaming orange and umber.

Yes, remembering tiny orange flowers
atop a tremendous Stone Mountain Makes Me Happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday?


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