Makes Me Happy Monday : Iced Coffee

I have only recently begun to drink coffee.
I love to dapple in creamers
and have fallen in love with coffee. I drink two cups a morning
… and strangely enough, warm coffee and watching the sun creep over the horizon
are two of my favorite things of the day.

Several months ago, I began making a pot (in my five cup coffee maker) of decaf as soon as I finish my morning java.  As soon as it brews, I take the carafe off the warmer and let it cool a bit. By 8:30 am, it is in the fridge chilling in preparation to be an afternoon treat.

And so, I have become an iced coffee lover, too.

I don’t know where the image originated, but I’ve always thought of iced coffee as something that people from “somewhere else” drink. In my head, I’ve never been able to picture a southern girl …. caressing a glass of iced coffee. But, I hear more and more friends share their affection. Maybe the rampant spread of Starbucks has done this for us. I don’t know how we’ve been infiltrated with this new love, but it is now anchored in the south.

And rightly so. In our humid, warm region, doesn’t it make sense that we enjoy a tall, iced, frufru decaf more than a stocky, mug of steaming, heated joe?

When Glory was packing to move out, I spied this great, oversized glass mug. She was gracious enough to give it to me and it has become my favorite iced coffee cup. I stick it in the freezer so it’s frosty cold when the afternoon rolls around and it’s time for a treat.  I throw in a few cubes of ice, a dapple of creamer and my pre-chilled joe when the middle of the afternoon tick-tocks around.  What a delicious treat!!

So, iced coffee is making my Mondays happy lately.
What about you?
What little treat brings you joy and makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday?


4 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Iced Coffee

  1. I’m suffering this morning over my cup of coffee sans my favorite creamer because I RAN OUT…how in the world…! Until my early fifties, I never drank coffee so it’s a fairly recent joy of my morning. If you have not tried it, my favorite creamer is Italian Sweet Cream by Coffeemate; not the dry stuff, the cold “cream” from the cooler.


  2. Oh No, Bev!!! I LOVE Italian Sweet Cream! And there’s a Bailey’s …. I think it’s Almond Creme something. I like it, too. Caramel Macchiatto is delish. But, I try to stay sugar-free so I can drink a little more guilt free. I’m trying so hard to lose the last ten pounds AND
    keep it off.
    I hope you’ll have creamer by the morn!
    ❤ and {{huigs}}



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