Makes Me Happy Monday : LOVE Written in Stone

While I am fascinated with real graffiti, I know the defacing of buildings and structures is generally unlawful.

And if you consider the line of thought, “What if everybody did …..”
then it would be best to refrain from carving your name into the tender bark of a tree
lest trees around the world die from wounds that put them at risk from
disease, exposure and more apt to be destroyed by pests.

Yet … this illegal artwork caught my eye.

This crafting of the word “LOVE”  is etched into stone at Tallulah Gorge State Park  near Clayton and Toccoa, Georgia. I first saw it when Joy and visited with the Lovetts back a few years ago. I took this photo on a visit a few months ago with Joy.

I wonder how long it took the artist to do his work … and how long ago it was carved.
Did he have a look-out that kept watch so he wouldn’t get caught?
Or was it so long ago that nobody seemed to care about this type of defacement?
I think of the permanence of this carving.
Weather, exposure and handling will wear the words smooth with time.
But, surely, it will take a good deal of time for that slow process to work.
And until then, thousands of people will pass by this love note
as they first enter the gorge and begin the descent to its deep valley.

For some reason, this thought simply makes me happy.
Love … written in stone … Makes Me Happy today.
How about you? What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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