Vows Under Moss Covered Boughs

I love her like my own.
Glory and Nina have been best friends for ages.

I wouldn’t dare NOT be there
on that sultry afternoon.

Excitement draped
like moss on the oaks … heavy and dense and thick.

She was stunning
as she walked down that earthen aisle
to be passed from the arms of the man who raised her from a little girl
to the hand of the man who will raise her up to the Heavenly Father from here on.

There were no piano keys pounding out a demand-to-stand wedding march.
We stood to the lilting melody of a violin serenade the bride to the groom.
It seems so right and proper with overcast skies and a breezy southwest Georgia summer wind.

We sang of His jealousy. He loves us so. I cannot fathom the depth.

I trembled as I watched her eyes move from him
to the paper in her hand … vows written from the depth of her heart.
And what surprised me
was that I saw her history …
I heard her upbringing in her words.
We live our lives, bringing to today, where we have been
and what we have seen, heard and experienced.


Nina spoke ….

Bryan, from the moment I said “Yes,” I looked forward to this day,
but I never thought that it would get here this fast.
From the moment that we started dating, you completely changed my life.
You gave me something to look forward to in my day.
I can’t remember a night in the first year we were dating
that we didn’t talk on the phone until nearly 2am.
The biggest quality that stuck out to me about you at the time
was your trustworthiness.
I knew that I could trust you with all of my secrets,
and eventually with my heart.
I promise
to never take that for granted.
I promise to obey and respect you
as the authority that God has placed over me.
I promise to keep you accountable.
I promise to let go and trust you with decisions,
knowing that God is leading you.
I promise to spoil you when you aren’t feeling well,
but most importantly
I promise to love you forever and through all things.


My eyes welled with tears as I thought,
“Dear child. Yes, those tender words are perfect.
But, ONLY through the power Christ and presence of His Holy Spirit
will you be able to walk them out.”

If there is a young lady who can follow through with those promises
it is Nina.

She has seen struggle
and experienced it, as well.
She is wise and patient and gracious.


I didn’t rush with the crowd to the reception.
I ambled alone … drawing the humidity deep into my lungs,
fellowshipping with God and
swatting gnats as I walked
while remembering how much I love this sweet part of Georgia.

I didn’t rush with the crowd
in part because I was alone.
Surely, every other person at the wedding
was part of a couple.

Funny how some events can remind us
of certain aspects of who we are.

I spent a good bit of time outside on the deck
peering inside … rather than in the midst of the gathering …
simply so that I wouldn’t stand out.

Part of my struggle may well have been because
the decor and setting of the entire day
looked like something I would create for myself.


Wood slabs were scattered about.
Birds, ancient books and sweet photos
adorned the tables.

Delectable homemade, hand-mixed sweets
in fluted paper
found themselves perched upon antiques.

Burlap and banners … with words and phrases reminded us that this was the start
of “Happily Ever after.”

And that is surely my prayer ….
Happily serving Him beside him
ever after.

From start to end
the day was breathtaking and surprising.
It seemed such an appropriate start
to a lifetime of love and commitment.

I will pray for them passionately.

2 thoughts on “Vows Under Moss Covered Boughs

  1. In my family, we were all married in small, intimate wedding ceremonies attended by folks who truly matter and filled with love, family treasures, favorite photos…all things that reflect the personalities, lives, and love celebrated on that day. Thanks for sharing this one.


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