Makes Me Happy Monday : Rainbow of Spoons

It is such a small thing
but this round paper bowl full of spoons made me smile.
A local yogurt shop offers their spoons in this fashion
sitting by the register so that you can choose the spoon color of choice
after you pay for your delectable treat.

Naturally, I filled my bowl with a squirt from almost every flavor of yogurt offered ….
all those that didn’t contain chocolate, that is.
That’s what you would do, right?
I then moved on to sprinkle all sorts of
crunchies, sweets and salties onto my mountain of frozen goodness.

What fun! An entire wall full of desert fountain nozzels,
two grand buffet tables of toppings
and THEN
a bowl full of happy, plastic rainbow fun!!

Who knew a visit to Tutti Fruitti
could bring such happiness?

So, rainbow spoons and frozen yogurt
make me smile this Monday morning.
How ’bout you?
What little treat has brought a smile to your face lately?


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