Makes Me Happy Monday : The Apple Store

I love the Apple Store. I love the clean lines of the industrial look of the store. I love the brushed silver back wall that has hidden drawers with a simple lip as a pull so the entire wall is flush. I love the simple design in the tall wooden tables. I love the fact that the tables are the same height as the bars along the walls! I love that the wood softens the look of the brushed silver and technology that fills the store.  I like the simple “t-shirt and jeans” uniform that the employees wear.

I like the graphics on the walls. Their “posters” are wide screens rather than printed paper.
The grahpics are always simple and clean.
The message is concise.

And the people who work at the Genius bar
never make me feel like I’m not a genius.
They are helpful and … they listen.

I feel comfortable in the Apple store. Even if I don’t need to buy something, if I’m at the mall, I’ll duck in to walk through …. just because.
But, last week, I walked into the store for another reason.

In mid-January of this year, Joy dropped by Macbook. She was walking and it simply slipped out of her hands and hit the floor with a loud clap. I didn’t get mad … but I was disappointed. Her immediate response when I asked her about the “thud” was dishonest. That was tough. She lied. I loathe dishonesty.

I put off having it repaired because I KNEW the repair would be very costly
and I knew I would probably lose all of the photos in the memory.
Some were backed up … some were not.
And since the screen wouldn’t even work, I couldn’t see them
to pick and choose any to save to an external hard drive.

But, months have gone by and I only have access to the laptop
that Joy’s daddy graciously gave her as a gift
when she broke mine.
I have no place of my own to store my photos so my camera has laid idle for nearly a year.
I have no way to try to develop my business because I cannot take photographs.
And I can’t freely blog because I don’t have access to a computer
and my inspiration for writing often comes from my photos.

So, last week, I walked into the Apple store and laid my laptop on the counter
and walked away
knowing that I would lose almost ten thousand photographs
and I would owe them a great deal of money soon.

And yet, I left content.
I did something that I have procrastinated for months.
I have let fear hold me back.
I feared losing all of those photos.
I feared the cost.
But, I decided to push the fear aside and do the hard thing.

As difficult as it was to walk into that store ….
of all the stores that I would need to enter to do something “tough,”
I’d rather it be the Apple Store …
because I adore the Apple Store.

The Apple Store Makes Me Happy today.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?
What have you done lately that was really tough … but made you happy …
because you finally put the fear aside and did it?


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