Makes Me Happy Monday : The (Un)Usual And Friendships

I am so deeply, richly, phenomenally blessed in my friendships.
I have fascinating friends who travel far and wide
and others who have anxiety attacks when leaving their own havens,
some who run ultra-marathons and others who won’t even walk to the mailbox,
some who passionately choose to eat paleo and others who are strict vegans,
many who embrace zombies and horror flicks and others who think that Disney movies send the wrong spiritual messages.

It amazes me how beautifully unique and intricate each of us is built.
And it amazes me when one of my friends thinks of me in the middle of life … and then shares the story with me.
Because we all want to be remembered, don’t we?

My sweet friend, Heather, made a trip to Germany a while back.
While she was there, she saw this cobblestone style wood floor
and thought of me.

But, so much more than that …. she took a photo of the walk
to share with me.

I have not spent weeks or even days in her company. We have spent hours together, but they were fleeting. I spent some time helping her with her WordPress blog. She has a missionary’s heart and went on a mission trip, using her blog to share her story. I have been to a get together at her home. We have visited at a wedding. We have spoken on the phone, through email and I have run into her out and about.

Yet, she thought of me … while on an adventure to Germany.

She was in the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg located in No. 9 Getreidegasse,  when she saw the floor of the hall entry-way of the home.  Leopold Mozart’s family lived there from 1747 until 1773, with Wolfgang being born there on January 27, 1756. This beautiful cobblestone flooring inside the home, I would assume, was once walked upon by Wolfgang.

And it is unusual. It has a “cobblestone” look, but is actually created from wood.

I prefer squares and rectangles over circles – because they fit together and waste less space.
I love the unusual, oxymorons or a lovely paradox … like high top converses on a 50-year-old or
an “outdoor cobblestone walkway”  iNsIDe  a house.
I passionately love trees … swaying, lush and green in a balmy southern summer …. still, naked, raw  and barren in winter.
I love anything wood … furniture, walls, paper, jewelry …. and flooring.
And dirt is my favorite. Freshly turned soil, green peanuts and mushrooms all smell like dirt … thus I love them.

Which of these made Heather think of me – rectangles? wood? dirt? –  when she saw that floor? I don’t know.
But, she thought of me
and I am moved …
thankful for friendships that remember others when traveling afar
and for acts of remembrance that say, “You have made an impression. I thought of you.”

I encourage you to share with others
when you think of them in your travels and daily life.
Tell others, “You have made an impression.”
Send thank you notes. Snap photos. Pick up a knick-knack that reminds you of someone.
Write on their car window (yes, I keep one in my van). Write on a friend’s Facebook wall.
Send a text with a photo when you see something that makes you think of a friend.
Because we all need encouragement.

Thank you, Heather, for snapping a photo when you thought of me.
It means

The Unusual and Friendships Make Me Happy this Monday morning.
How about you? What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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