A Map and a First Step

I have heard it said that
Sometimes the hardest part of a project
is taking that initial f.i.r.s.t  step.

I love maps, compasses  and face clocks.

I especially love antique maps, ancient compasses and old face clocks.

They speak of a slower life pace. They are reminders of time and space. They are constants … offering knowledge of where and when and how. And they are strongly masculine to me. Most men have a good understanding of space, direction and time. The sight of them somehow makes me feel secure, protected and directed.

The antique looking map above has traveled with us from one city to another. It has been the focal point in many home school areas or rooms. It has been referred to often as we talk about missionaries, travels, direction and time zones.

I have wanted for years to hang it over my desk in my current home. But, I wanted to make it into a piece of artwork first.

I collect old canvases. Sometimes, I will paint over them and make something new … like this.  Sometimes, I find them new at Goodwill at a price that is deeply discounted from a craft store price.

After quite some time of collecting
and then subsequent procrastination of beginning the project,
I finally began to put my map idea to work.

I painted ….

measured and cut.

I made sure that my map pieces lined up with the canvas the way I had planned.

Finally, I decoupaged my map pieces onto the canvases.

The final pieces turned out just as I had imagined.


… and when hung on the wall
are exactly what I had anticipated.

With all the things that HAVE to be done
and all the things that NEED to be done,
it’s nice to do something
simply for its pleasing creative merit.

If you have a project that you have been putting off …
some creative imagination that would bring you joy to see come to fruition
and even more to admire in the chilly months ahead,
I encourage you to put aside a few moments here and there
and begin.

The hardest part of the project
is simply taking that first step.


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