Makes Me Happy Monday : Candy Corn

I’m very careful about which foods I will buy. I know my weakness for things that are
or salty
or bite-sized and palate tickling.

But, I was among a group of friends this weekend, so it was relatively s.a.f.e  to buy a bag of candy corn
because I had lots of smiling faces to help me consume the rich, buttery, sweet goodness of these bite-sized morsels.

To top it off, God allowed me to find a smaller-rather-than-a-LARGER bag of candies. *think less temptation*


I danced my way to the porch as we arrived at the old homestead of the ladies retreat organizer
after having stopped at the grocery store on our way there.
I shared so happily!!
EVERYbody should be in on the joyful goodness of such a delectable fall treat!

And upon waking Sunday morning,
Yes, I was the one that poured the few remaining dulcets into a bowl so they could be a part of our Leftover-Breakfast-Buffet.
I mean … if Apple Pie made the table, SURELY candy corn would be acceptable, right?

My annual autumnal candy corn enjoyment may be behind me. I m.i.g.h.t buy one.more.bag before Thanksgiving. But, if I do, I’ll buy the Indian Candy Corn mix. They have big fat pumpkins that I don’t particularly care for and many of the corns have brown tops that are made from cocoa which are bad for my chocolate allergy. One bag in my precious glass pumpkin will only tempt me one-third as much as another bag like the one above since there are fewer of my favorites inside that sealed plastic pillow of yummy.

Candy Corn Makes Me Happy this beautiful fall day.
What about you? What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning??

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