Blueberries Ripe and His Voice

This summer, I was extended an invitation to pick blueberries.
A friend kept an eye on a neighbor’s yard and kept the bushes picked so that they would continue to bloom and bear fruit.
On early summer morns when the grass was still dew-damp and the sun hadn’t yet begun
to bear down its scorch on the cul-de-sac,
I found myself uncovering the bushes and plunking berries into the tin pail belted tightly to my waist.

The berries that pick with the greatest ease
are those that are fully ripe … somewhere between the deepest, richest blue and a purple that nears black.
A light touch
and they roll from the branch into your palm.

At times, there are a few ripe …  or near-ripe-berries
amongst a cluster of green.

It takes great intention to choose only that fruit
that is ready for picking …. sweet, tasty and useful.

Each morning, as I stood in damp shoes among lush, green grass,
I thought of God.

He covers us with a net of protection to keep away the predators.
but allow quenching waters to hydrate our dry, parched souls.
There are times that His Holy Spirit is as evident and present to me
as these round, full droplets of water.
We all bear some sort of fruit … according to our kind.
There is a time when fruit is ripe and ready to be picked …
and there is a time when it is still green. It can be picked,
but the fruit is of little use …  green and bitter to the palette.
When we do not continue to harvest the fruit as it becomes ready,
the plant will then “go to seed” and stop bearing.
No matter how you treat the plant, there will come a time – a season –
when the plant will need to rest and recover
before moving into another season of bearing fruit. It is only natural.
We are not built to go and do and bear and serve with great zeal and fervor … endlessly. We must rest.
And sometimes, in our eagerness to “harvest,”
the carelessness of an irresponsible husbandman will lose precious, ripe fruit.

I search my days for these parables.
I ask God to use the world around me to teach me of His ways.
These parables and stories speak to me … in a way that I can understand and apply to my life.
I want to remember the stories of summertime ripe fruit,
bridges/fear,  nails in the road/sin, and drafting/getting stronger.
I long for God to talk to me throughout my days.
May He also speak to you using a language you can hear and understand.
Watch and listen closely. He’s a creative God. He knows your heart and soul.
He will speak to you … if you are open to His voice.

He is your Heavenly Father. He doesn’t want you to compartmentalize your life
so that there is a “God time” (quiet time … or Bible time …. or church time)  and then “real life.”
He wants your “real life”  to be  “God time.”
The Bible directs parents to instruct a child on God’s principles in this way:
” Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home,
when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up,” (Deuteronomy 11:18-21)
He wants to teach you in the manner – as you make your way through life.
Ask Him to talk to you in a language that you can understand …
and then listen.




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