The Sweet Aroma of Encouragement

I’ve written about her before.  She’s beautiful.
She has a smile that is wider than the day
and eyes that sparkle the bluest I’ve seen …
but her beauty is so much bigger than that.
She has an energy for life
and love for encouraging people
that can.not be ignored.

A little over a week ago, she came home.
She had to be hospitalized with asthma problems.
I didn’t even know she was in town.
The day she was released, before heading home to rest,
she made a flower run.

With friends, she chose several bunches of flowers
and made “drop by” runs
to leave flowers as a surprise on door steps.
I was in the living room, so I saw her try to sneak up.
I interceded .. opening the door and offering her a hug.
She and her friends were on a mission … so ….
we chatted for just a minute
and made plans to get together before she headed home to Asheville.

I found out later that Britt and her friends
took at least one bouquet of flowers
with a sweet note
to a complete stranger
in my neighborhood.
Isn’t that lovely?
Have you EVER been given such a gift?
One that has no strings attached
and was meant to purposely, fully, richly bless you
with not even a THANK YOU expected in return?


…. and she didn’t tell me about their gifting adventure.
One of the friends in on the project was the one to share the story later.

And the flowers … were gorgeous.
She wrote a sweet little note about being courageous.
I haven’t talked to her in quite a while.
We haven’t really conversed in a bit …
and I haven’t even shared yet, here on the blog
just how much I have realized that fear has impacted my life.

She continues to bless me.
But, the other side of the card said much.

… cultivate a warrior’s spirit.
This is a tough one for me.
I am quick to fight for others!
I will swashbuckle to the end for someone else …
but I am not sure where or HOW to draw the line in the sand
to fight for and protect myself.
But, I’m learning.
I am scared … and scarred
but I am learning.

These beautiful lilies sat on the desk beside my dining table for days and days …
until they began to drop their petals.
At that point, I moved them to the counter by the kitchen sink
where I prepared to pour away the water
and toss the spent blooms …

when I noticed that these sweet blossoms
were still pungent to smell.
With tattered stems
and wilting blooms,
they still had a beautiful, sweet aroma.

So, I pushed them to the rear of the counter
and have let them sit
for day upon day
dropping petals
yet smelling sweet and strong.

Like Britt’s surprise visit …
like her sweet gifting …
long after her exit,
the sweet aroma of her encouragement
that spoke right into my life
where I needed it most …
where I was questioning and struggling …
remains pungent in my life.
Oh, that God would use me
in this way
in the lives of others.
Praise be to Him.

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