Makes Me Happy Monday : Hello Kitty Race Belt

Glory and I spent Friday and Saturday in Savannah, Georgia. She was my cheerleader, companion and photographer. We had such a nice visit. I thoroughly enjoy this girl.

We walked along cobblestone and traipsed between ancient buildings throughout the weekend.

Under moss draped oaks, I ran a race on Saturday morning.

As with any sport, hobby or craft, there is always some new toy to help make the activity more easy.
So it is with running.

Today, a runner can buy a race belt to wear during a run. They are especially helpful during a triathlon. You do not wear your race bib in the swim as it is written on your arms and legs with Sharpie marker. But, you need to put on your entry number quickly after exiting the water but before leaving on the biking portion of the race. Rather than fumble with pinning your race bib to your shirt, some people will attach it to a race belt before ahead of time. With a quick snap, your belt is secure and you can leave the transition corral. So, a race belt is a big time saver.

Some belts hold water bottles, in case you are running a long distance in great humidity and need to carry hydration. Almost all have elastic loops for securing nutrition like protein bars or gel packs that offer quick, sweet energy. And some have a zippered pouch to carry … whatever you need.  You’ll find two examples of what a belt looks like HERE HERE and HERE.   So, they start in price around $20. and go up to as much as $50.

While I would love to have a fancy belt, I decided to make my own for now.

Here’s what I came up with. I used an old clasp that I had stashed away with my “just in case” saves, black elastic the same width as the belt webbing that I had also saved from something broken/no longer used and an awesome little Hello Kitty pencil bag that probably came from a yard sale. It wasn’t quite big enough to work well with pencils …   but makes a PERFECT belt pouch!! I put my ear buds and chapstick in the pouch. When not on a race, I’ll put $$ and an ID in there, as well.

Since there was only one gel station along the route, I knew I needed to take nutrition along.  The little packets hold a goo that offers around 100 calories. It is very helpful on longer runs. I have two that are caffeinated for the last four miles. Instructions say to use them every 45 minutes, so I use them around every three-mile mark. And I carry an extra one or two.  I offered one to a guy along the way that really looked like he needed some help.

The belt was PERFECT! It wasn’t too wide so that it was an irritant. It didn’t bounce up and down as I ran. And I tied my bandana onto it as the morning got warmer and I no longer wanted it around my neck.

I’m always, always grateful when I can make something
that does a super job
rather than having to buy something similar
for a pretty penny.

My belt is so fun, is an original and cost me nothing!
My Hello Kitty race belt Makes Me Happy!
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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